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Get The Ideal Perth Fence From A Professional Fencing Contractor

    Australian Construction is the best choice for your business or home because we provide a wide variety of Colorbond fencing services. Our team works quickly and efficiently and maintains topmost artistry and quality to complete the project, leaving our clients satisfied efficiently. Our fencing contractor in Perth gives you quality supplies and affordable Colorbond fencing costs. It ensures people in this area always have the best value for their money, enhancing their property’s security and privacy.

    Installing Colorbond fencing

    Examples of Australian Construction fence installations services are divider fences, boundary fencing, privacy screening, fence to house infill and more. Our team is dedicated to providing only the best for our clients.

    We only use superior Colorbond fencing supplies, and our fences are accessible in varies colours. We can mix and match the colours to give you the best solution for your home or commercial property.

    Fence removal

    The fencing contractor can install Colorbond fencing and provide you with an optional removal service. It caters for existing fences like Super Six/asbestos, steel, timber and fibro/HardiFence.

    Insurance work

    If you have the misfortune to have your existing fence destroyed by vandalism or storms, our fencing contractor in Perth can give you a free quotation for presentation to your insurance provider.

    Core drilling

    If you want us to install a fence along a concrete pavement or near a limestone retaining wall, our competent team can handle it. The Australian Construction core drill produces a hole of a maximum of 127mm in diameter, facilitating fence posts concreting. Our Perth fencing contractors have the equipment and the necessary tools to finish any installation.

    Steel retaining plinths

    If your location entails a direct neighbouring property that is at a lower or higher ground level than yours, we offer an affordable solution to eliminate this issue. This product is called a steel plinth, and we create it from coloured steel. Our plinths slot into the existing colorbond fence posts easily, providing an affordable but efficient soil retaining solution that retains soil of a maximum of 600mm deep.

    Steel lattice

    For an extra touch during your dream fence installation, the fencing contractor we have in Perth provides the option of installing steel lattice on your Colorbond fencing top, producing an attractive 300mm feature.

    Aluminium slat fencing

    Whether you want to increase privacy or enhance your premises’ security, our Australian Construction team can help if you wish to have aluminium slat fencing.

    At Australian Construction, we are proud of our top-quality installation services, which improve your commercial property or home appearance. We are happy to work on small and large jobs, from complete fencing solutions to aluminium slat extensions. 

    We facilitate quality solutions

    Our skilled Perth fencing team understands how vital it is to provide quality solutions for your commercial property or home. We choose ideal, superior quality materials like aluminium fence slats. It guarantees Perth residents of a lovely fence design that is constructed to last.

    In addition to selecting the ideal materials for every project, we are proud of the top artistry that is finalised efficiently. Check out our gallery to have a picture of how our aluminium fence slats will appear on your property.

    Our team will be pleased to discuss your project needs to make sure you get the ideal solution for your budget, taste and space. We can provide you with a free quote, enabling you to know our costs before we begin.

    Installing aluminium slat gates

    Our professional team gives you various aluminium slat gate installation services like single gates, entry control, double gates and fence and gate combinations. We endeavour to provide our clients with the ideal services and only use superior materials to install aluminium slat gates.

    A fencing contractor avails these gates in various colours that we mix and match, giving you the perfect solution for your commercial property or home.

    Gate removal

    Apart from installing aluminium slat gates, our experienced fencing contractor in Perth also gives our clients an optional removal service for handling existing gates like steel and timber.

    Pine lap

    In recent times Pine Lap has gained fame as a Colorbond alternative for boundary enclosures. It has a natural rustic appearance and gives your yard a traditional impression, and it is beautiful for absorbing noise. 

    Our fencing contractor in Perth can provide pine lap fences in mist green or wheat. But, if you have a particular colour preference, we can powder coat the capping to suit your requirements.

    Timber fencing panels are simple to work with, and we can adapt it to any height you need. You have the option of adding slatted or traditional timber lattice, making your pine lap barriers an excellent addition to your property.

    Frameless balustrades

    A frameless glass balustrade is an ideal method of complementing your view. It facilitates unobstructed views. We have the option of planar, channel or spigot that our team mounts together with a wide variety of handrail options.

    It signifies that you can blend them, creating an architectural design appearance that is exceptionally famous with today’s modern home. It is best for your staircase or balcony, creating a sophisticated appearance on your property!

    We test our 12mm spigots and toughened frameless safety balustrade glass to follow all Australian Standards.

    Stainless steel wire rope

    Our stainless steel wire rope balustrade presents a beautiful appearance and will help you attain that nautical feeing. We use a quick-lock system, and our wire rope balustrade eliminates the necessity of wire swagging and messy saddles. It saves installation time and facilitates a neater finish.

    The Australian Construction team can fix stainless steel wire rope fittings to stainless steel, aluminium framework or timber. We can also set it to existing brick walls if needed. It makes this option very versatile for your balustrade needs.


    Our fencing contractor in Perth provides fencing services in the City and its surrounds. We give our clients a variety of fencing options as well as decking.

    Our team handles your projects from beginning to end, eliminating the project’s delay because of managing numerous trades to finish their project before the other one starts. 

    Get in touch with us today, and we guarantee our fencing contractor in Perth will a more secure and attractive fence for your premises!