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Port Macquarie Fencing Contractor

Port Macquarie Fencing Contractor

    The Australian Construction team installs different types of fences. Moreover, our fences are stylish and durable. Our fencing contractor in Port Macquarie builds your fence to your specific needs. Is your fencing old and worn out? In that case, we replace it using customised timber or colorbond fence. As a result, it matches your home’s style.

    We offer functional, appealing and robust fencing solutions. In addition, we are specialists in building small and large-scale fencing. Our services are available for commercial and residential properties in Port Macquarie. Because of our vast experience, you can trust us for a hassle-free and quality job.

    Glass pool fencing

    It is essential to ensure your pool area is safe. It is especially so if you have small kids and pets. In Australia, pool-fencing installation is a law requirement. Glass pool fencing is a popular pool fencing material. The Australian Construction glass pool fencing is durable and sturdy.

    The glass pool fencing looks elegant as well. We provide various glass fence options. Therefore it suits your style and complements your home. The fencing contractor in Port Macquarie provides fencing solutions that comply with Australian law. Because of this, you do not have to be concerned about safety.

    Our team is vastly skilled in glass pool fencing installation. Furthermore, we ensure we use the best materials. Because of this, it ensures your safety. The glass pool fences improve your property’s appearance and value. Glass pool fences do not block your view. Therefore they are an ideal option for your swimming pool.

    Main types of glass pool fencing

    Do you want to install glass pool fencing? In that case, you can choose a frameless glass fence. Alternatively, you can pick a semi-frameless glass fence.  These two are attractive options because they are safe, solid and functional. But it depends on the style you want.

    Frameless glass fence

    Comparatively, frameless glass fences are more costly. The reason is they require being thicker. Mainly they should be about 12mm wide. Because of this, the frameless glass fence is ideal if you want to avoid blocking your view.

    Semi-frameless glass fencing

    Do you wish to have an elegant look without spending much? In that case, consider our semi-frameless glass fence. It is around 8mm-10mm thick. Also, it features stainless steel or alloy posts we fix to the ground.

    Glass pool fencing is safe.

    Many homeowners are still doubtful about glass pool fences. You may have heard that glass panels shatter or explode unexpectedly. However, the fencing contractor in Port Macquarie produces high quality, premium-grade glass fences. Moreover, our team ensures they install the glass fence correctly. This kind of fencing has minimal gaps.  Because of this, the glass pool fence is safer than other fencing materials. If your children are little, it decreases the child’s chance to climb upwards and over the fence. 

    Weldmesh fencing

    Australian Construction offers quality weldmesh fencing. Our weldmesh fences are durable. Because of this, you have one less factor to worry about. Weldmesh fencing is affordable and straightforward. Moreover, it is professional and durable. We use hot-dip galvanised steel to make our fences. Additionally, we use aluminium panels. We install our panels on 50x50x2mm metal posts anchored with concrete. Therefore choose us for an excellent building experience and brilliant results. 


    At Australian Construction, we provide functional and durable fences. Also, we design them to match your existing property’s style. We have various colours, designs and materials. Because of this, you will always get what you need. Our range includes strong security fences. We also have decorative boundaries.

    Therefore we are the quality and affordable solution you need for your fencing needs!