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Rockhampton Fencing Contractor

Rockhampton Fencing Contractor

    Do you want a top-quality fence in Rockhampton? You may want a fence for privacy at home. Or perhaps you wish to secure your commercial property. Under these circumstances, it is best to select a fencing contractor like Australian Construction. After all, we are famous for our experience, reliability and quality. Our fencing contractor in Rockhampton installs and repairs fences. 

    In other words, we install and supply various fences in Rockhampton. For example, we provide picket fences and colorbond fencing. Additionally, we provide pool fencing and metal fences. Furthermore, we offer wood fencing and gates. Our range also includes a range of balustrades in glass, metal and wood. We have a highly experienced and competent team of fencing contractors. More importantly, they are dedicated to delivering quality outcomes.

    Colorbond Fencing

    Australian Construction installs colorbond fencing to Rockhampton developers. In addition, we install this fencing for homeowners. If you want colorbond fences installed on your premises, call us today. For years we have supplied this kind of metal fencing to commercial and residential clients. Colorbond presents one of Australia’s most famous and cost-effective metal fences. This fencing’s folded metal sheet is durable. Furthermore, it is available in different colours. It is low maintenance as well.

    The fencing contractor in Rockhampton expertly installs colorbond fencing. As a result, you get a premium and affordable finish. Our colorbond fencing is exceptionally durable. Also, it resists all types of damage. For example, it prevents damage like dents and scratches. We blend the sheet metal with top quality paint to obtain its sturdy finish and colour.

    Pool fencing

    Do you long for a new fence that matches your new swimming pool? In that case, Australian Construction has different pool fencing services. Our services are available to Rockhampton homeowners. Our range includes not only simple aluminium fences but also frameless glass. Moreover, we have different products available. Because of this, we have a solution that matches your budget and aesthetic.

    We have skilled fencing contractors who have the expertise to build and maintain pool fences. These fences comply with Rockhampton safety standards. Furthermore, proper pool fencing ensures family and friends are safe. Australian Construction specialises in pool fence design and installation. Also, we undertake installation and maintenance.

    Having a secure swimming pool means you have protection from water-related dangers. For this reason, we consider some factors to ensure your pool safety. For example, we install pools of a minimum height of 1.2m. We also fix a space of fewer than 100m between self-closing gates and fence bars. The fencing contractor in Rockhampton has affordable and practical solutions to match your needs. Given this, we offer:

    • Steel pool fencing
    • Aluminium fencing
    • Frameless glass
    • Channel glass fence

    At all times we use superior quality products. We utilise aluminium featuring anti-rust durabond coatings. As a result, rust or corrosion does not occur. Hence your fence is not compromised. It also becomes more weather resistant. Consequently, your fence lasts longer despite the hot Rockhampton sunshine! Our technicians have the expertise to create custom fences. In other words, we tailor them to your unique needs.

    Your swimming pool may be unusually shaped. Because of this, you may be worried about how your fence will look after installation. Fortunately, we build custom panels that accommodate terrain changes. We can curve and turn our pool fences to match your pool’s shape.


    For years Australian Construction has supplied and installed top-notch fences. We have served residential and commercial clients across Rockhampton. Our team has an intimate understanding of building fences. They work closely with you and deliver to your precise needs. We deliver traditional and modern styles. Also, we present various products to choose from. Likewise, we specialise in various kinds of typing.

    It will be our pleasure to help you pick and install the best fence for your property. So talk to us now!