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Sunshine Coast Fencing Contractor

Sunshine Coast Fencing Contractor

    Do you need a new fence built on the Sunshine Coast? In that case, Australian Construction can help! We build fences for all kinds of customers. Moreover, our fencing contractor on the Sunshine Coast handles all fencing projects with real skill and professionalism. Because of this, you are assured of getting your value for money. We ensure we source our products straight from manufacturing firms. 

    As a result, we offer affordable products.  Our company provides not only durable fencing services but also qualitative. Therefore our products are durable. So you can have peace of mind.

    Pool fencing

    The weather on the sunshine coast is lovely! So enjoy time with friends and family outdoors. You can have fun swimming in the pool or doing a barbeque! Our fencing contractor on the Sunshine Coast provides pool fencing and our pooling matches your personality and style. More importantly, we acknowledge the set regulations and apply them strictly. 

    However, it does not mean we give you an ugly fence! We provide our fencing services to schools and homeowners. Additionally, we offer fencing solutions to different businesses that feature pools. Australian Construction provides different pool fencing choices. Furthermore, we stock various materials. For this reason, the option you pick is readily available. We have a powder coating plant. So we can match whatever custom colour you need for your existing colour scheme. 

    Do you want tubular aluminium fencing? Or perhaps you are looking for a glass fence. In that case you have peace of mind because we use top quality materials. Given this, we give you a premium pool fence using our finishing techniques.

    The fencing contractor on the Sunshine Coast has vast experience in the sector. As a result, our innovation solves any complex situation related to fencing your pool. We provide quality fencing. Moreover, we design and manufacture it to sustain water, sunlight and children. Children always attempt to climb the pool fencing. Also, they try to stretch up, attempting to access the gate latch. We have legislation compliant gates and fences. Most importantly, our fences and gates are childproof. 

    Timber Fencing

    There are many reasons why people have fences. For example, fences provide security and privacy. Also fences keep animals either in or out. In addition, fences provide a safe place for children to play in. you can also fence simply for looks. Australian Construction has a vast fencing range. Therefore we satisfy all budgets and tastes.

    Our stock of timber fencing supplies is excellent. Moreover, we have one of the hugest timber yards on the Sunshine Coast. We source quality timber from timber mills. The fencing contractor on the Sunshine Coast provides different types of timber fencing. For instance, we offer paling and decorative pickets. Additionally, we provide lapped fencing and posts. We apply them to modern horizontal styles. Also, we use them on a regular diving fence between you and your neighbours.


    We mainly create paling from natural timber and treated pine. Australian Construction provides veins, knots and various colours. Therefore we add warmth and texture to your paling fence. Our team colours or stains the timber. Consequently, it adds to your personal touch. The lapped paling fences are strong and rigid. Apart from this, they are secure and durable.


    Australian Construction has years of fencing experience. In addition, we have the essential training and knowledge. Because of this, we work fast and efficiently. Despite the type of fencing you need, we will deliver. After all, our expert team designs and installs all types of fencing. Our fences are tough and hence withstand immense force. Because of our great experience we are fencing professionals.

    Therefore call us today for the best fencing products on the Sunshine Coast!