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Hire An Expert Fencing Contractor For The Ideal Fence

    Australian Construction is Sydney’s most reliable and reputable fencing firm. We provide comprehensive contractor services and specialise in manufacturing and installing new, customised fences with exceptional designs to suit our clients’ requirements. Our fencing contractor in Sydney has years of experience in this sector, and we are proud of our reliability.

    If you want to invest in a commercial or residential fence, get in touch with us. We have skilled fence installers who are expertly trained, and they can provide the fence you have been dreaming of. We customise your fence to optimal distinctiveness. Our team is happy to work with you if you want to integrate your layout and design.

    At Australian Construction, we give you optimal versatility and flexibility regarding your commercial and residential fencing requirements. 

    Our services

    We provide a wide variety of fencing materials like steel, aluminium, chain link, vinyl and wood. If you wish to have ideal fencing products at affordable cost, call us today. Our fencing contractor in Sydney will provide you with the latest and best fencing solutions without compromising on quality and price. 

    Our fencing team guarantees you our artistry and the quality materials we use for fencing, and we give you durable fencing solutions that resist Sydney’s harshest weather. The best news is that we provide comprehensive materials and labour warranty (several years) for all the fences we install. Our fencing contractor in Sydney is different because we provide all the assurances you seek and we give you full information as our client.

    High-quality commercial fencing solutions

    Australian Construction provides a wide variety of fencing solutions in Sydney for commercial property owners. We have worked in the commercial fencing sector for years, and our team embraces the continuing changes in the sector. This ensures that you get the best and most superior fencing solutions for your commercial establishments.

    Your commercial establishment or building exterior reflects your brand. Your business’s appearance determines the public’s perception. So, your outdoor area should look lovely, safe and enticing. 

    It would be best if you gave your customers the feeling that they are working with the best firm. Adding a fence helps you attain this, so call us today, and our team will start the process of enhancing your commercial space. Send us an email if you have more queries about our services and products. We have the most experienced fencing contractor in Sydney, and we rely on the recommendations and referrals of satisfied clients we have serviced for years. 

    We are a comprehensive service commercial fencing services contractor, and you are free to choose what you like. Our expert fencing contractor in Sydney provides various materials at cost-effective costs, offering you the flexibility to choose superior quality fencing solutions. The products we offer include steel, wood, chain link, vinyl and aluminium materials.

    Commercial and residential fences are different because the former should have an additional layer of resilience and durability.  We have produced premium commercial fencing solutions in Sydney to the industrial and business establishments below:

    • Malls
    • Gas stations
    • Parking lots
    • Housing authorities
    • Condominiums
    • Apartments
    • High-rise buildings

    Our experience in commercial fencing has enabled our team to build a fence depending on your needs. We provide these services:

    • Designing
    • Fabricating
    • Customising
    • Installing

    At Australian Construction, our versatility is evident from the various commercial fences we construct and install for you. Currently we provide the following products to our business clients;

    • Stockade
    • Open picket
    • Tongue & groove
    • Chain link
    • Lattice
    • Semi-private and private board fences
    • Gates and more

    If you want to get the best deal for your money on a commercial fence, call us today! Our fencing contractor in Sydney is licensed and insured to cater to business and retail establishments in Sydney. Call us today for a free estimate!

    Professional pool fencing services

    Although you and the children are excited about installing a swimming pool on your residence, remember the risks involved. Each responsible homeowner needs to acknowledge that safety is a top priority where pools are concerned. It is the reason we are available to provide installation of the unique pool fencing solutions in Sydney. Our company is experienced and established to meet the needs of Sydney residents and different nearby communities.

    The Australian regulations stipulate that swimming pools in private residences should have a fence before you fill them with water. The good news is that our competent team handles the hard tasks for you and relieves you of the burden. We will be pleased to give you the pool fencing construction you need.

    We provide these pool fencing options for all our potential customers:

    1. Aluminium pool fence

    Our pool fence created from versatile aluminium is Sydney’s most popular choice. It makes your pool safe for your family, and the best aspect of our aluminium pool fences is that we provide them in a wide variety of powder coat hues. It makes it easy for you to complement your home’s other features. Also, aluminium is the best material in wet surroundings as it is naturally resistant to corrosion. 

    2.  Glass pool fence

    Glass is among the latest and most sophisticated material choices for constructing a pool fence. It has become popular, which is not surprising because they are lovely. Glass pool fences are our most attractive fencing solutions. At Australian Construction, we provide the semi-framed, frame and frameless options. 

    3.  Tubular pool fence

    The pool fencing service provides tubular fencing with two material choices. Aluminium is the first one and steel is the second option. Many homeowners pick our tubular option because it maintains the pool area’s safety and security, blocking the water’s view from the exterior and interior. Our company provides powder-coated and anodised options of the tubular pool fence in the colour you prefer.


    At Australian Construction, we promise you excellent installation results and competitive pricing. We give you pool fencing solutions wherever your location in Sydney and its surroundings. Being an insured and licensed pool fence contractor gives you the guarantee of access to ideal services from us. 

    Therefore, call us today, and our expert fencing contractor in Sydney will immediately begin constructing your pool fence!