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Enjoy Superior Quality Fencing Services In Townsville

    At Australian Construction we are proud to offer fast and efficient service. We have a simple procedure where you ask for a quote, and we give you an appointment and avail ourselves. Our fencing contractor in Townsville provides various fencing products you need. We only use superior-quality steel, glass, timber and aluminium. 

    We provide specialty fences and simple fences for agriculture and security and create barriers to suit your requirements. All the products we manufacture are made-to-order, and we only use superior-quality materials. Our professional team is happy to help you with any installation or order you require. 

    Our company has worked in the fencing sector for years, and we have ranked top in fencing for some time. You can rely on us to meet all your fencing solutions.

    Commercial fencing services

    Security fencing

    Our fencing contractor in Townsville provides different types of securing fencing and our chain mesh on circular steel posts with three barb wire strands and three straining wires above the chain mesh.  We also coat them in green or black PVC and combines them with powder-coated fittings and posts. You can also add a matching gate, making the package complete and maintaining the appearance all through your boundary.

    Regular chain mesh security fencing has an 1800m with the three barb wire strands on top. However, our team can increase its height by altering the chain mesh size.

    Spear type fencing is another type of security fence, which is a heavy-duty steel box measuring 25/25 with a pressed spear on top; the standards heights are 2400, 2100 and 1800. A fencing contractor manufactures all types of gates, whether sliding or hinged, to match any fencing style.

    Acoustic fencing

    Disruptive white noise or loud noise can impact your working environment by interrupting concentration hence, lowering productivity. When installing acoustic fencing, you effectively block most of the sound and decrease interruptions in the workplace.

    Disruptive noises arise from various areas like traffic, HVAC systems, equipment and neighbouring offices. Our experienced Townsville team can erect sound barriers on newly installed construction and existing walls. If you are experiencing disruptive noise and you wish to minimise it, allow our team to handle your project. We will be happy to help you get the ideal noise-reduction options for your work area.

    Chain mesh fencing

    Our chain mesh fencing is terrific for allowing the breeze in and keeping your pets in too. We mostly use this meshing in commercial applications, and we have it in various finishes like green/black PVC coat. Our team of experts match powder-coated rails and coats, giving your business boundary an attractive look. Our fencing contractor in Townsville has chain mesh in various wire thicknesses and height sizes ranging between 900m high to 3600 m high with 60mm diamonds or 50mm diamonds with 3.15mm or 2.5mm wire thickness. 

    We also manufacture special orders at smaller diamond sizes or greater heights for a tennis court, storage cages and basketball courts application. All our steel materials are galvanised before we powder coat them.

    Rural fencing

    Barb wire

    Our fencing contractor in Townsville handles all kinds of barb wire fencing that is ideal for protection and rural fencing. Our services include supplying fencing materials. We work according to your budget and convenience, and we consult you to find out the ideal option for you. We have a range of fencing products like a hinge joint, dog mesh, star pickets, stiff stay mesh, plain wire fencing and 3- or 4- strand barb wire, and all our products protect your property, keeping out imposters.

    Please ask us about all the specific options featured in each material.

    Farm gates

    If you would like your fence to have an opening where you frequently cross through, our team will install a gate for you. Australian Construction’s farm gates are custom made, and we measure and design them to achieve your precise requirements to facilitate the entry of all sized vehicles.

    Please advise us what materials you want for your gate and the size, and our able team will deliver to your requirements. Our gates include bars option or mesh infill.

    Pool fencing services

    Aluminium fencing

    Aluminium gives any fence a modern touch. It is our light-weight alternative to steel, giving your property a unique dimension. This fencing material is easy to install and maintain and is an ideal option for anyone with a commercial pool or residential area project.

    Aluminium offers a modern touch to any fence. It is the light-weight alternative to steel and can add a unique dimension to your property. Easy to install and easy to maintain, this fencing material is a perfect option for any project seeker for residential and commercial pool area. If you have more questions and wish to speak to an expert, call our fencing contractor in Townsville.

    Glass fencing

    You may think that glass is weak and brittle, but it is not. The glass our company uses for fencing is exceptionally durable and robust. We manufacture our glass fencing from superior quality tempered glass, and it can sustain a significant amount of stress. 

    If you want a fencing option that adheres to safety standards and does not block your view, glass fencing presents an attractive choice. If we measure it to fit precisely, our experienced team can establish your pool fencing to your pool surroundings precise dimensions. This contemporary appearance will make your property look sophisticated and significantly enhance your home value and look.

    Safety regulations

    All pool fencing like steel, timber or glass should adhere to the existing pool regulations. If you are renovating or remodelling your pool surrounding, ensure you get in touch with your local certifier to ensure your pool area follows regulations.


    At Australian Construction, we understand that safety is important to you. It is why we provide quality materials that comply with the set safety standards to enable you to protect what is valuable to you.

    Call us now, and our fencing contractor in Townsville will be happy to give you a quote and embark on your fencing project immediately!