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Wagga Wagga Fencing Contractor

Wagga Wagga Fencing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we offer top quality PVC fencing. Moreover, we provide Australian made PVC fencing. Furthermore, our fencing contractor in Wagga Wagga designs and manufactures PVC fencing to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

    We install swimming pool surrounds also. Hence it makes your pool safer and decreases the danger of injuries. In addition, we offer all pool fencing fittings.  Because of this, the installation process becomes much simpler. Furthermore, we provide different fencing. 

    Picket fencing

    A picket fence makes your home more lovely and warm. Australian Construction provides top quality, durable and pristine picket fences. As a result, your neighbours admire your home! The fencing contractor in Wagga Wagga offers different types of picket fences. Because of this, they match your home. Moreover, they suit your taste. Additionally, we have gates that complement your picket fence panels. We provide them in different sizes. Because of this, your new picket fence looks elegant.

    All-weather picket fence

    Our PVC picket fence withstands harsh weather conditions. PVC picket fences do not flake, peel, rust or rot. Therefore they are different from wood and metal. PVC is not toxic and is impervious to termites. Also, it is environmentally friendly. More importantly, you do not have to repaint it like other fences. Rather, you clean it using standard household cleaners. More importantly, our PVC fencing lasts for years.

    Mesh fencing

    The Australian Construction mesh fencing presents ideal crowd barrier solutions.  What’s more, we use it in various other applications. For example, we use it to keep domestic animals enclosed. We also use our mesh fencing at different commercial venues. Mesh fencing is attractive, durable and strong.

    Temporary fencing

    Australian Construction provides a versatile temporary fencing system. Does your space need sharp, narrow corners? Or do you need crisp straight lines or large sweeping curves? Under these circumstances, the fencing contractor in Wagga Wagga accommodates all these configurations. 

    Glass pool fencing

    Australian Construction has provided glass pool fencing for Wagga Wagga homes for years. Not only are our glass pool fences safe, but also affordable. Furthermore, our fencing contractor in Wagga Wagga provides cutting edge outcomes.

    Benefits of glass swimming pool fencing

    1.  Modern sophistication

    A glass pool fence or balustrade balcony offers the perfect blend of fashion and coolness. Our glass balconies complement even the most conventional property. It also offers a striking balance between old and new. Moreover, it gives you a trendy, low profile and trendy look. Because of this, it matches the building style.

    2.  Unobstructed views & natural light

    Nowadays, families consider some elements to be important. For instance, the view and the light are crucial in a home. The Australian Construction glass balustrade, pool, balcony or deck takes advantage of the two. Do you have a lovely view of the beach or backyard landscaping? Maybe you want to see your garden, patio, spa or swimming pool without distraction. In that case, use our glass pool fencing for lovely, natural light.

    3.  Fast & easy maintenance

    Cleaning your glass fencing is easy, hence making it look new. When cleaning the windows in your home you can clean your glass balustrade as well. 

    4.  Safety approved

    Our fencing contractor in Wagga Wagga installs incredibly safe glass pool fencing. Also, our glass pool fencing is fully tested. Furthermore, it is compliant. More importantly, glass is very durable. Because of this, it withstands years of strong Aussie weather conditions. Because this structure lacks gaps, it is safer than established rail balustrades


    Australian Construction gives clients quality fencing products. We serve not only commercial establishments but also residential properties. Moreover, we have an experienced and friendly team of experts. So if you want durable but attractive fencing, talk to us today.

    We look forward to discussing your next fencing project in Wagga Wagga!