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Wollongong Fencing Contractor

Wollongong Fencing Contractor

    Australian Construction is a reputable firm in Wollongong. Moreover, we have vast fencing experience. Our fencing contractor in Wollongong helps in transforming outdoor areas. We provide attractive and functional solutions in various industries. Our team has expert skills, experience and knowledge. Due to this, they undertake complex fencing needs in the area. Australian Construction covers various industries. For example, we work with utility companies and commercial facilities. In addition, we serve smaller domestic projects.

    Quality fencing services

    The fencing contractor in Wollongong provides fencing systems that meet all your needs. More importantly, our services are professional and superior. Additionally, our fencing solutions are attractive and functional.

    Professional Balustrade work

    Our company provides stainless steel fixings. Also, we offer fixings in powder-coated aluminium form. Because of this, we ensure durability. We have qualified tradespeople who install Pool Fencing and Balustrade. More importantly, for your safety, we meet Australian Standards.  We specialise in balustrade fencing. We have different ranges of balustrade systems. For this reason, our solutions suit all architecture styles.

    The fencing contractor in Wollongong provides superior quality structural aluminium. We also offer marine-grade stainless steel. Therefore we design and test these products to suit Australian Standards. Our skilled team installs balustrade fencing. This fencing complements commercial and residential properties. 

    Given this, we utilise the split wedge base installation technique. It facilitates concealed fixing. Most importantly, it enables strength maintenance. Hence our balustrade fencing complies with Australian standards and safety. We anodise, powder-coat or pre-treat our aluminium balustrading. Because of this, we offer rust and maintenance-free lifespan.

    Chain Wire Fencing experts

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in Chain Wire Fencing. This type of fencing is also referred to as Chain Mesh Fencing. It is also called Cyclone fencing. This kind of fencing is versatile and durable. Furthermore, it offers excellent security. Also, fencing suits numerous industrial and domestic applications. For instance, we use this fencing for:

    • Factory or industrial security fencing
    • Temporary protective fencing
    • Cricket practice nets
    • Internal factory partitions
    • Building site enclosures
    • Factory enclosures
    • Chain wire cages
    • Residential fencing
    • Recreational parks
    • Tennis courts
    • Picket fencing 

    For years our quality picket fence has been popular in Wollongong. At Australian Construction, our objective is to build your picket fence with utmost care. Moreover, our picket fence features quality artistry. After all, we only use the best materials. The fencing contractor in Wollongong builds a Picket Fence that suits our clients’ needs. Moreover, it complements your home. Furthermore, we have various styles and designs to pick from.

    Decorative Fencing

    At Australian Construction, we are skilled in decorative fencing. Our decorative fencing gives your landscaping or garden project a touch of elegance. Also, it presents a simple manner of creating privacy. In addition, it gives you an attractive and unique focal point. We offer a stunning range of designs and use them in various ways. For instance, we use them for gates and privacy screens. We also use them for balustrades and indoor and outdoor features.

    Slats Fencing

    Australian Construction is an expert in all kinds of slat fencing. We use various key styles to install slats fencing. For example, we use:

    • Traditional timber slat fencing
    • Aluminium slat fencing
    • Steel slat fencing

    Our slat fences are either vertical or horizontal slats. Additionally, we customise the gaps between the slats. We build slat-fencing gates like automatic sliding gates using a similar style. Therefore it matches your new fence. 


    At Australian Construction, we are skilled in supplying and installing security fencing and colorbond fencing. In addition, we offer industrial chain wire fencing and weldmesh fencing, and much more. When picking a fence, it is important to consider functionality and appeal. Therefore, we give these two elements priority. Hence we deliver quality fencing.

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