Fully Licenced Fire Testing And Inspections In Cairns

Cairns Fire Testing And Inspections

Cairns Fire Testing And Inspections

    As a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is teeming with tourists. And where people are, fire can happen. You can prevent this with fire testing and inspections in Cairns. It is a service that we offer where we check your fire safety systems to ensure that they work.

    But what steps are involved in the process? Today, we will provide you with three things that you need to know before availing of this service.

    Fire Testing Takes Time

    The testing process is not something that you should rush. There are many factors to consider when testing fire safety systems.

    Here are some examples:

    • Day and time – we certainly do not want to test your system while your employees are working. This is why fire testing requires careful planning. We need to do this in lean periods of your operations.  
    • Space – different buildings have different sizes. It takes more time to inspect the fire safety systems of huge buildings than smaller ones.
    • Machines – there are many types of fire safety systems out there. Some are old and some are new. It takes time to dismantle them and reprogram them if necessary.

    This list does not take into account other problems like faulty wiring and bad plumbing. If you hire a fire safety system inspector, except that the entire process is going to take some time to finish.

    Fire Testing Has Risks

    Fire testing and inspections in Cairns has risks and hazards. Our employees may be required to climb a building, dismantle some areas, or even work with electrical systems.

    As such, you have to work with a contractor who has insurance. The insurance policy is going to cover the liabilities should there be an accident.

    In essence, you have to look for a contractor that has a license to operate. A license is an indication that he knows what he is doing. It is also proof that the contractor passed the requirements of the government.

    Take your time in looking for such a contractor. The risks are real—for the contractor and for you.

    It Takes Commitment

    Fire testing is a regular commitment. It means that you need to allocate funds every so often for this exercise.

    You should also have a commitment to safety. If your fire system no longer works, you need to prepare for a replacement. Also, if there are new systems available, it is far better to replace your systems than maintain the old ones.

    This principle for fire testing and inspections in Cairns applies most especially so too big buildings. For small ones, putting a fire out is easy. Buildings are complicated structures, and you need modern fire safety systems for them.

    If the fire inspector finds out that some areas need repair, you need to be committed to getting the repairs done. Otherwise, you are putting people and your property at serious risks. This commitment means cost. Some people would rather take the risk than spend money.

    Do not make this mistake. Life has no price. The last thing you want is for a fire to break out and find yourself unprepared.

    Summary: Fire Testing and Inspections in Cairns

    There you have it. Fire testing requires time, risks, and commitment. These are three things that we have and willing to take. If you have questions about this service, just give us a call and we will help you.

    We can also schedule a meeting. In this meeting, our preference is to see the building. From here, we will understand the design of your fire system, and how big it is. As such, we can make a better assessment of the issues, and then work our way from there.