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Geelong Fire Testing And Inspections

Geelong Fire Testing And Inspections

    With surf-friendly beaches, Geelong is worth a visit. If you have a business here, you have to hire a contractor who offers fire testing and inspections in Geelong. But how should you do it?

    We will provide you with a list of qualifications today. In the end, you can use this as a guide when the time comes that you need fire inspection services.

    Hire someone with proper training

    First on our list is for you to hire someone or a group that has the proper training. There are many standards as far as fire safety is concerned. Not all people who claim to be experts understand these standards.

    There are also building codes, and these codes come from the government. The codes get updates from time to time. As such, the fire inspector must take it upon himself to learn about these new updates.  

    To ensure that you are hiring a capable individual, look for a license. The license to operate comes from the government, and only those who pass these requirements will have a license.

    Hire a project management expert

    A project like this requires time. It also has hazards. Without proper planning, your fire inspection can get botched. When hiring, ask the contractor for their plan.

    If a contractor has no plan, then it is very likely that they are just going through the motions. What you want is to see documented steps of how they want to go about their activities.

    This plan for fire testing and inspections in Geelong includes the date that they will do the job. If a contractor can provide you with a documented plan, it simply means that they are on top of things.  

    Contractors have a lot of tasks and clients. If the contractor that you are dealing with has poor project management skills, it is likely that you will experience delays.

    Hire a contractor that offers multiple services

    Fire safety systems are part of the construction process. They use power, plumbing, and some even have electronics. If you will hire a contractor, hire a group that has expertise in several areas of the construction business—like us.

    Here are some examples of these expertise:

    • Plumbing – your fire sprinkler systems have pipes. If these pipes are problematic, you have to fix them. On some occasions, you may even have to replace them.
    • Construction – if you have to replace the pipes, then you also have to demolish some areas of the building.

    As you can see, it makes sense that you hire a company like us that does fire testing and inspections in Geelong. We are experts in all fields of the construction industry. We know plumbing, demolition, construction, industrial painting, finishing, and a whole lot more.

    If you hire a contractor like us, you will realise that you will save a lot of money. This happens because you just have to pay one contractor instead of hiring several.

    Summary: Fire Testing and Inspections in Geelong

    If you need more help, or if you need clarifications, you can always give us a call. One of our resident experts will take the time to speak with you and provide you with guidance.

    Another option you can take is to ask us for a price quote now. On our website, there is a “request quote” form. Just fill that up with details, and we will be in contact with you.

    Lastly, we can also schedule a meeting. We can do it online, but it is better that we visit your site. This way, we can see the building and check your existing fire alarm and safety system. From there, we can assess the situation better, and also give you better advice and service.