Protection & Safety With Fire Testing & Inspections On The Gold Coast


Gold Coast Fire Testing And Inspections

    Every now and then, local Gold Coast council inspectors will check your building’s fire protection equipment. If you are not compliant with local building codes in regards to fire, you will receive a warning. The worst thing that can happen if you do not hire a Gold Coast fire testing and inspections contractor to inspect your fire protection equipment is that the government might shut your business or building down

    They will do this if your establishment is a serious hazard. So, when you hire a fire inspection team, what should you really expect? Today, we will give you an idea what services you can expect from our fire testing and inspections on the Gold Coast .

    1. Inspection for fire hazards

    The very first thing that a fire safety contractor must do is to inspect the entire building and identify fire hazards. An example of this is a wooden structure next to a stove. Our contractor also has to validate if the wall is fireproof.

    Before a contractor can do this, he needs a lot of experience and education. He needs in-depth knowledge and familiarity with fire concepts, safety procedures, and hazardous situations. Once the fire hazard has been identified, the fire inspector will make recommendations.

    On top of identifying structural integrity issues, the fire contractor also has to check if there is a fire exit, or if they are flammable materials near any electrical outlets. If there is no adequate fire exit system, then you will have to build one. The unfortunate thing is that most fire inspectors cannot build this themselves.

    2. Examine for fire control

    Buildings must have fire exhaust, fire extinguishers, and fire sprinkler systems. One thing that the contractor should do is not only to check if these things are present but also if they are working. Another thing he has to check is if they are properly positioned.

    If a fire extinguisher is not within reach, the fire contractor must point this out. If the fire sprinkler system is not working, then the fire inspector must know this and also provide repair services.

    Fire protection is not just about fire exits and ladders. There has to be a way to control the fire in case it happens. If you are operating a commercial property, you have to comply with these expectations to be able to operate.

    As such, the fire inspector must know what the government requires. He must know where the fire extinguishers must be positioned, how big they should be, and whether the sprinkler systems are working or not.

    3. Identify fire code violations

    Apart from checking whether you have adequate fire control and prevention, the contractor must also know what specific laws you are violating.

    One specific reason why you need a fire inspection specialist is you wan to comply with what the government expects. What this means is that the inspector must have a check-list from the government and know what they would be looking for if the inspection takes place.

    After identifying violations, the job of the contractor does not stop there. The contractor must prepare a document that will show you what he found out. This document will tell you what codes you violated.

    One important content of this document is the recommendation of the fire inspector. These recommendations will guide you with what you have to do to be able to comply with the government’s expectations.

    How to choose a Gold Coast Fire Testing and Inspections Contractor

    So, how o you choose the right partner for something as sensitive as this? Read on to see our tips.

    License – the first thing you have to check is the contractor’s license to operate. A license is an indication that the contractor has met the standards of the government. Without a license, you are risking a lot of things. Work only with a licensed contractor so you know that they passed government requirements.

    Experience – work with contractors who have been in this business for many years. That way, they have been exposed to many issues, problems, and mistakes in the past. You do not want to be their experimental client, right?  

    Reputation – find out what the fire inspector’s reputation is. You can ask your friends and family members for feedback. You can also check for the subcontractor online presence and see what kind of reviews he or they have. Do not work with contractors that have a dubious reputation.

    Flexibility – only work with a fire contractor who can also fix your fire sprinkler system. It is possible that your structure also needs some kind of remodelling. For example, you may need a ladder or a fire exit. If you work with us, we can build this for you—no need to hire another contractor.

    You cannot just hire a dire safety inspections contractor. You must hire someone who is qualified. The contractor’s experience and license are the first things you have to check. If they are not licensed, it is an indication that they are not even compliant with what the government expects.

    You must also hire a contractor who can solve your problems the same way that we do. We can install fire exits, build ladders, and even fix your sprinkler systems. If you hire us, you will have no other problem to think about. We will check, inspect, and fix the issues.

    After we provide our service, the only step remaining is for you to wait for the fire inspector from the government. Let him do the inspection, and get your certificate that your building is fire-safe.

    Summary: Gold Coast Fire Testing and Inspections Contractor

    Now that you know what to expect from a fire inspection contractor, you have to consider these things before hiring one. Once you are in talks with a contractor, ask the representative what scope of work they will provide you.

    We at Australian Construction have been in this business for over 20 years. You can rely on us if you need fire safety inspection, and we will also train your staff on how to maintain it. We will do regular testing if needed, and this will ensure that your fire preventions systems are always working.