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Hervey Bay Fire Testing And Inspections

Hervey Bay Fire Testing And Inspections

    A magnificent city, Hervey Bay is a stunning coastal town. Businesses thrive here, and you need fire testing and inspections in Hervey Bay if you want to operate smoothly.

    Fire testing is a complicated process. The government itself has guidelines as far as standards are concerned. Today, we will show you the things that we inspect. It should give you a basic idea of the services that we offer.


    We need to inspect your fire sprinklers to see if they still work. The last thing that you want is to have a system that does not work at the most crucial time you need it. 

    There are many types of sprinklers out there. Our experience of over 20 years makes us qualified to do the checking. We will not just inspect them, but we will also test whether they are functional or not. 

    Smoke Sensors

    Smoke sensors have gone a long way. Today, they trigger the sprinkler system, and they also sound the alarm. 

    Smoke sensors have different sensitivities. What we do is calibrate the sensors to ensure that they only sound the alarm for a real fire. You do not want them triggering any alarm if the smoke only comes from a cigarette. 

    Heating and Ventilation Systems

    Not all buildings have these, but big ones do. There are ventilation systems that help regulate heat, especially for factories. 

    If these things stop working, the place can get smothered with smoke. Even if there is no fire, people who work in bad conditions can get sick. 

    The government has provisions for the proper installation of heating and ventilation systems. From fans to the “tunnels,” there is a proper way to use them.

    We will inspect whether you are using the right one, or if your systems are functional. If we find any anomaly or problem, we will report it to you so you can fix them. 

    Piping Systems

    Your sprinklers get water from your piping systems. If the pipes are not working, the sprinklers will not do their job. 

    What we do here for fire testing and inspections in Hervey Bay is to test if the pipes are in good working order. We want to check for clogs and then remove them. What we want to make sure of is that water can flow freely on each floor of your building. 

    Part of this inspection is to check the water pressure. If the pressure is not adequate, then we will have to recalibrate it.

    Why hire us?

    As you can see, we are adept at fire testing and inspections. We at Australian Construction have been in this business for over 20 years. Apart from fire testing, we are experts in all areas of construction. 

    What this means for you is that you no longer have to deal with different contractors. You only have to work with us. If there are issues with your electrical or plumbing systems, you can count on us to make repairs. 

    Summary: Fire Testing and Inspections in Hervey Bay

    The list of the things we inspect here is not exhaustive. There are more but it is too much to list in a single article.

    If you have questions, our number is on our website. You can also contact us via our contact form. If what you need is a price quote, just use the “request quote” form, and give us the details of your concerns. We will reply to you shortly.

    If you could spare some time, let us know if we can do an ocular visit. We want to see your site so our engineers can better assess the situation.