Your Go-To Fire Testing And Inspections In Mackay

Mackay Fire Testing And Inspections

Mackay Fire Testing And Inspections

    You need fire testing and inspections in Mackay if you are operating a business here. As the largest region for sugar cane farming, Mackay is consistently moving forward as a tourist spot.

    As such, fire inspections are a necessity to protect the visitors. But what should you expect from a contractor?

    Today we will provide you with several things that we do as fire inspectors. In the end, you will learn about the processes, and this will help you prepare for the actual fire inspection activities.

    Preparation of the fire testing

    Before anything else, we need to prepare. We will have a meeting between our fire experts and your representatives. In this meeting, we will need a blueprint of the building or a guide who can walk us through your fire prevention systems.

    From here, we will understand the building’s condition, its history, and what steps we need to take. The preparation also involves understanding the building code of Australia, specifically for fire prevention. Once all these are in place, we can get started with the testing process.

    Execution of the testing

    After the planning phase, we will now begin with inspection and testing. This is a long process, but we will ensure that we check everything.

    Here are some examples of what we will do:

    • Systems testing – we will test your equipment if they work. For example, we will test if your fire extinguishers are still in good condition. It is also our duty to check if your plumbing systems are working, along with the alarm bells.
    • Building inspection – part of this process is to determine if the building houses fire-prone materials. We need to know if there are things that can easily catch on fire. Apart from this, we will also try to find out if there are things here that can cause a fire.

    On top of that, we need to determine if you are in violation of any fire code. For example, buildings must have stairs and fire exits. If you do not have any of these, you need to build one.

    After the fire testing and inspections in Mackay, we will prepare a report. We can set up another meeting so we can explain our findings and recommendations to you.  

    Training of staff

    The last part of the process is to train your staff. We will discuss the government expectations, and what they need to do on a regular basis to check the equipment.

    If you need training for emergency responses, we can also provide you service for that. As fire experts, we fully understand what the government expects. From here, we will also help you in putting up management processes to ensure that you are compliant.

    The final step is documentation. We will write and sign a document as proof that the building went through rigorous testing and inspection. This is the document that you will present to the government if you have to get a permit to operate.

    Summary: Fire Testing and Inspections in Mackay

    We at Australian Construction have been around for 20 years. If you need fire testing, give us a call and we will answer all your inquiries.

    Another thing you can do is to send us a message through our website. From here, you can give us details about your needs, and we will respond shortly.

    Lastly, you can schedule a call with us. We will do a site visit, and our engineers will inspect your building. What’s great about this is that we can make a better assessment of your facilities before we get started with the fire testing process.