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Adelaide Floor Preparation: What We Do At Australian Construction?

    An Adelaide floor preparation contractor service comes hand in hand with general infrastructure constructions. Unlike the common misconception, the process of completing construction doesn’t directly start with renovations. 

    Like others, its parts should be well-prepared in order to ensure the desired output. Here at Australian Construction, we will be responsible for all the things that will be needed in your project’s floor preparation. May it be malls, roads, office buildings, etc, we assure that our contractors are the best choice.

    Today, we’re going to walk you through on what our service is all about, along with the tasks included in the process.

    What is an Adelaide floor preparation contractor?

    First off, let us talk more in-depth about the process of floor preparation.

    Floor preparation is not a common element to construction when thinking about demolition or renovations. Often overlooked, flooring is an essential part to the process of any rebuild or fit out and will need to be given adequate consideration within the project time-frame and budget. 

    Here are some of the benefits that come along with floor preparation:

    • Eliminates health risks and hazards
    • Increases the durability of the flooring
    • Longer flooring life
    • More seamless floor installation

    The process is actually necessary in order to provide a strong bond between the existing sub-floor and the new flooring that is yet to be installed. With this, it will be easier and more efficient to integrate the new flooring type without the old one interfering. 

    What are the tasks of an Adelaide floor preparation contractor?

    Now, let us move on to the different tasks that a floor preparation contractor needs to go through. See below for its chronological order:

    Floor Planning

    At Adelaide Floor Preparation, we take the initiative to build a plan before going to the actual process. This will help us and the clients to have an accurate overview of what is needed, what are the expectations of the clients, and what the contractors may suggest for a better outcome.

    Having a plan is vital for us to know how we should act towards the project. This will also help us determine the necessary steps towards achieving our clients’ full satisfaction.

    This is also the step wherein the budget will be planned. Although budgets can be a stressful part of the equation to address, it is crucial to get right from the start so we can plan the type of resources that will fit your requirements. 

    It is one of our goals to bring the highest quality of service no matter the budget, so there is no need to worry about poor outputs.

    Old Floor Removal

    Once the plan is finished and both parties are in agreement, our contractors commence preparation of old floor removal, if required. We do this so that we can start work on a new, blank slate. This will also provide enough space for the new flooring type.

    We have different types of equipment for different floorings. We assure you that there will be no problem if you have previously placed tiles, linoleum, wooden floors, and the likes.

    Another reason why this is essential is that if you install a new one directly on top of the old one, it will look poorly-made. This may even be the cause of health hazards and safety risks in the future.

    If you don’t have existing flooring on the other hand, unlike projects built on existing infrastructure, then this step can be skipped.


    The third step on our list is to clean the sub-floor surface thoroughly. This includes removing all the dirt, debris, dried adhesives, flooring remains, and other random things that may have been on the sub-floor.

    The purpose of this is to make the surface capable of holding the adhesives, and clean enough to not bring any flaws to the new flooring.

    If the sub-floor is full of unnecessary dirt, it can make it hard for the installation of the new flooring. If you are opting for paper-type flooring, it can look bumpy. Cement-types, on the other hand, can have cracks. In some cases, the flooring can simply not stick if the sub-floor is not cleaned.

    Floor Surface Evening

    Finally, the last thing that we have to do is to check the sub-floor for gaps, cracks, and mismatched heights. In these cases, we have to fill in and/or excavate, if needed, the floor surface in order to even them out and have them on the same level.

    This last step is important because this is related to the comfort and safety of our clients. In the worst-case scenario, leaving gaps in their place can cause accidents and injuries, which will definitely reflect badly towards the client and our company, as well.

    Even after all the necessary steps are taken, we guarantee that we will monitor the result after every step to prevent underlying issues in the long run. We conduct final reviews to achieve this because we know the hassle of running into problems post-construction. Our top priority lies in our clients’ safety and satisfaction.

    Should you select Australian Construction for your service?

    Our floor preparation service is for everyone. We greatly stress that this process is necessary for every type of construction. No matter how small or big your project is, you can expect that we have all the right equipment and resources to fulfil your conditions.

    Here are some infrastructures that will definitely need floor preparation:

    • Malls
    • Roads
    • Office buildings
    • Factories
    • Warehouses
    • Sports Halls
    • Galleries
    • Function Halls

    Of course, we are also very much willing to work on small and medium projects like houses and home renovations.


    Floor preparation is one of the most important processes in completing infrastructures. This will provide a strong foundation for a building’s base and will definitely affect its overall quality. Although this is a fairly lengthy task, the final output is definitely worth looking forward to.

    With us, we can assure that each of the tasks stated above will be done with the utmost care and quality in mind.

    If you have any other concerns, you can contact us via phone call and/or text message. We will be happy to answer your inquiries. We can also conduct visits to the site so we can discuss the requirements more clearly.