The Most Experienced Floor Preparation Contractor In Canberra


    A floor preparation contractor in Canberra is an essential part of a construction team. As the capital of Australia, Canberra is teeming with businesses and opportunities. The last thing that you want is to have flooring that is not conducive to business.

    But why is it important? Today, we will provide you with some of the reasons why floor preparation has become standard practice. In the end, we hope that you can see the value of this process in your building.

    Joints are not level

    If your floor is concrete, it is possible that it is not level. There are several reasons why this happened, but our floor preparation service can fix this. What we can do is to use various techniques to level your floor.

    It is possible that the people who made the floor did not install the material properly. There is also a likelihood that the slab below the final pour is not adequately prepared.

    Poor and extreme weather conditions are also a culprit. In such cases, the concrete may also get weak. There is a right water ratio for concrete, and it has to cure well before you install the flooring. If this did not happen, you will have an uneven floor later on.


    This is a situation where water enters the pores of the concrete. As you know, concrete is a porous material even when it is already dry. What happens next is that the floor is going to flake.

    The bad thing that can happen is that the concrete can crumble. Salt and water can destroy the entire structure, and we need to fix it through proper floor preparation.

    If you are seeing these signs, you need to give us a call now. We can either visit your place or you can send us photos. From there, we can assess the situation further and see how we can help you.

    Divots, Cracks, and Pits

    These things are usual for floors. They happen when you drop things on the concrete surface. The repeated impact can cause divots.

    At first, you may not find them annoying. But over time, they will grow in size. Over the years, cracks from concrete may also develop naturally. As your floor ages, it will become more and more difficult to fix this problem.

    Apart from that, debris can accumulate after a long period of time. Various materials can adhere to the floor’s surface, and you have to remove all these before you apply a new stain.

    The same thing goes if you want to install a new kind of flooring, such as tiles and wooden planks. Before you do this, you need to prepare the floor substrate.

    This is how we can help you. There are several techniques that we can use to prepare your floor’s substrate. Examples of these are diamond grinding and shot blasting.

    Summary: Floor Preparation Contractor in Canberra

    Floor preparation is what makes a good floor. Even if you have the budget for tiles, epoxy resin, or even wood, you will not get the best output if the substrate is not ready for installation.

    If you have questions, do not hesitate to give us a call at Australian Construction Services. We will be more than happy to help. Our website also has a “request quote” form that you can use now.

    An alternative that we recommend is that we visit your site. We need to see the condition of your floor so we can make a proper assessment. With a site visit, we can also better understand your goals and then work out a plan from there.