Central Coast Floor Preparation Contractor For Hire By Aus Construction


    The Central Coast comprises many suburbs, but it does serve as a gateway to lots of recreational activities. You need a floor preparation contractor on the Central Coast if you want your business to be in tip-top shape.

    But what do these contractors do? Today, we at Australian Construction will provide you with some examples of these services. In the end, we are hoping that we have helped you decide whether or not you need this service.

    Concrete polishing

    As a floor preparation expert, part of our service is to offer concrete floors a better quality. We restore old concrete floors to their former glory. In this activity, we are primarily concerned with the surface.

    In concrete polishing, we are breathing a new life into the concrete flooring. We are also making it sturdier than it used to be.

    Here are the two main benefits of concrete polishing.

    • Resistance to stain
    • Makes floor glossy

    We can discuss the kind of finish that you want. Just let us know the end goal and we will find a solution for you.

    Floor removal

    For old floors, we will strip them and then prepare the substrate for the new layer. This process is sometimes called floor demolition. We do this for all types of floors.

    To give you an idea, here are some examples of the kinds of flooring that we remove:

    • Carpets
    • Tiles
    • Concrete
    • Wood

    We also remove floors even if they have epoxy or adhesive coating. After removing the floor, you need to tell us what kind of new layer you want to use. This information will help us know what kind of substrate preparation to do.

    Shot blasting

    Shot blasting is a pretty common process in floor preparation. Our goal here is to level the ground. With a ground level, we can apply the new layer and achieve the finish that we are gunning for.

    Shot blasting is not manual work. We use noisy machines that work efficiently. If we do this, you must know beforehand that you will have to shut down your business.

    Shot blasting also produces a lot of dirt. However, this should not be a cause of concern since our machines have vacuums.

    Diamond blasting

    The last kind of service that we want to share with you is diamond blasting. It is a process where the goal is to make the concrete smooth. The level of smoothness that we will achieve here depends on the kind of finish you will use for the new floor.

    The ultimate goal of diamond blasting is to achieve a specific kind of profile. As such, we have to use a diamond grinder and another machine called an edge grinder.

    Like shot blasting, you need to stop operations while the project is going on. The machines that we use produce a lot of dirt debris, and noise. We will take care of the clean up afterwards.

    Summary: Floor Preparation Contractor on the Central Coast

    Give us a call if you have any question. We are on standby to provide you with all the information that you need. If you need a price quote now, you can use our “request quote” form. Just fill it out with details and we will respond t you shortly.

    Another thing that we can offer you is a face-to-face meeting. We suggest that we meet at your site. this way, our engineers can assess the project better, and also give you a better price quote.

    From here, we will develop a plan after understanding your needs. We will get back to you to finalise the plans, and then we can get started on the project.