Experienced And Professional Floor Preparation Contractor In Hervey Bay


    If you need a floor preparation contractor in Hervey Bay, you need to know that the service is a lengthy process. This is fine, considering that Hervey Bay is worth visiting. After the floor work, you can expect guests to appreciate what you have done. 

    Floor preparation requires a huge effort. Many people think that this involves only floor removal. It is so much more, though.

    This follows procedures depending on the project. Hence, this means having the need for various equipment. These include those for dusting, charging, and drilling.

    Contractors will be the ones responsible for the equipment. Still, you should acquaint yourself with the processes. Today, we’re going to talk about the common floor preparation equipment. We’ll discuss when and how they are used. We will also briefly describe how they look.

    Cleaning Tools

    The first on our list refer to cleaning tools. These are important before and after floor preparation. This means that we use this machine in both the initial and polishing process. This will allow the contractors to work with a clean slate. This is also a good way to assure an efficient start.

    Some contractors may use less or more depending on the floor’s current state. You should not skip cleaning if you are gunning after the best output.

    Shot Blaster

    Shot Blasters are great only if the method is shot blasting. This is one of the most common tools in the field. To remove the current flooring, this equipment strips off the surface. 

    This looks somewhat like a vacuum. They are the same in terms of the structure and how they work. What makes this different is that this operates through high-speed energy to function. This also has wheels for better mobility.

    The shot blaster. can remove basic dirt from the floor. Some issues that you may encounter involve having surfaces that are too rough. In addition, note that this is only applicable to concrete flooring. Your goal should also involve preparing for a rough floor.


    Scarifier is sometimes called a milling machine. This is a more aggressive machine if we compare it to the previous tool. This equipment will totally break the surface instead of stripping it. The intensity of the damage will depend on the model used.

    The structure does not stray too far from a shot blaster. It is also hand-held. Instead of regular wheels, this one has spiked ones. The spikes can come in many forms. These can be the very sharp ones or the gears. 


    Grinders are great after either shot blasting or scarifying. This is not a good tool for solo use. Why? Because it only covers a shallow subject. This equipment will improve the smoothness of the raw surface. 

    For its appearance, you can expect something similar to the previous two. Initially, this will seem like a polishing tool. 

    There are two types that you can use. These are heavy-duty grinders and fine-detail grinders. The former is for evening out the flooring. The latter, on the flip side, is for light polishing tasks.

    Either one can work as a preparatory tool. If you plan on applying a new coating, this can cater to your needs. You can also use this to remove them.


    Floor preparation works with large machines. This means that we need something that can supply the same power. This is the purpose behind generators. Regular building outlets won’t be able to take the job.

    Generators work alongside the said types of equipment above. These are necessary devices. This will allow the process to be possible. These will be responsible for charging them with enough energy. Depending on the project, more than one may be needed. Contractors will usually provide this.

    Summary: Floor Preparation Contractor in Hervey Bay

    The best thing about working with contractors is you don’t have to worry about equipment. These will automatically be given. Even so, you should familiarity yourself with them. This will allow you to make better decisions for the project.