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    Hobart is a flourishing city that offers Tasmanian Beer, museums, seafood, and so much more. You need the services of a floor preparation contractor in Hobart if you are operating a business here. This way, your floor will not look old and dilapidated.

    But what services can you expect from a contractor? Allow us to provide you with some examples of these. In the end, we are hoping that you can identify whether or not you need a floor preparation contractor.

    Encapsulated Vacuum Shot blasting

    This is a process where we quickly remove paint from your floor. With this type of shot blasting, we can remove latex paint, different types of coatings, and other kinds of contaminants.

    We also use this technique to re-profile concrete floor. What we want to achieve here is to create a non-slip finish. For this type of substrate or floor preparation, the ultimate goal is to prepare the floor so it can better accept paint, screeds, or resins.  

    Shot blasting is a common practice. The construction industry recognises it as a standard process. It is great for removing coatings, plus it makes your floor free from contaminants.

    Diamond grinding

    Diamond grinding is a process where we remove glue, light coatings, and even latex paint. Our goal in this service is to make a smooth finish out of concrete. If you do not like it super smooth, we can also achieve a rough finish but ensure that the floor is even.

    A diamond grinding machine uses grinders of different sizes. We swap these grinders according to the type of finish that our clients want. We have different applications and heads for different purposes.

    It is not unusual to use this type of process to remove screed materials. However, this will leave a coarse finish.


    We use a process that we call scabbling to reduce concrete. It also works fine on asphalt. Scabbling is great for removing line markings, paint coatings, and for creating a profile.

    The end goal here is to reduce the surface tolerance. The machine we use has a rotating drum. What we use on this drum is a Tungsten star. On some occasions, we can also use beam flails or milling cutters.

    Scabbling is really noisy. It also produces a lot of dirt. However, you should not worry about this since we will take care of cleaning up.

    Vinyl removal

    There are many types of vinyl. For old buildings, we have to remove this coating or finish before we can put on a new layer.

    Part of this service is to remove carpet or rubber crumb coating. We use stripping machines to help us facilitate the job efficiently. The good thing about this process is that our machines are great for work indoors. There will only be minimal impact on your business operations.  

    After this, we will prepare the floor for your final layer. The substrate preparation will depend on the kind of floor that you will install. Just let us know what it is, and we will take care of the preparation.

    Summary: Floor Preparation Contractor in Hobart

    The list we provided here is not exhaustive. There are so many types of floor preparation activities that we offer. For more information, or if you have any questions, just give us a call. You can find our contact information here on our site.

    If you want, you can also schedule a meeting with us. We can do an ocular visit. It is what we prefer so our engineers can see the condition of your floor. From there, we can fairly assess the kind of work that we will provide, and therefore give you an accurate job cost estimate.