Floor Preparation Contractor In Wollongong By Australian Construction


    If you have a business, then you certainly need a floor preparation contractor in Wollongong. As one of the happiest cities in Australia, Wollongong offers a lot to both tourists and locals alike. You need to keep up with design trends if you want your business to thrive.

    Before you hire a contractor, allow us to give you advice. Today, we will show you the steps that a contractor has to take when working on your floor preparation project. Let this be your guide before you hire a contractor.

    1. Planning Phase

    The first thing that we do is plan the project. In this phase, we will have a meeting with you so we can understand what you want us to do.

    Here are some of the things that we will accomplish here:

    • Client requirement – you will let us know what flooring you want. From here, we will know how to prepare the floor. 
    • Budget – you will also let us know how much you are willing to spend. Depending on your budget, we will decide which course of action to take. 

    Once this meeting is over, our experts will now take measurements of your floor area. Then, we will draft a plan of how the entire project will go.

    On some occasions, you may need to shut down your business for a little while. This really depends on your preference. If we do the floor preparation by grid or area, then you can still operate your business while we are working.

    Once we have a plan, we will meet again with you to finalise it. We will tell you how much it will cost, how many days it will take, and what other things you need to prepare.

    2. Preparation Phase

    It is during this phase that we will start working. The first thing we will do is to scrape your existing floor.

    Here are some more steps that you can expect:

    • Old floor removal – whether you have wood or tiles, we will take it off. 
    • Grinding – this is the main part of the floor preparation. If your floor substrate is concrete, we will use different machines to make it ready for the final layer of your flooring. 
    • Intensive cleaning – we will clean the floor and make sure it is free of debris.

    If your construction is new, which means that there is no flooring yet, then we will not do any floor removal activities. We will go straight ahead with grinding and preparing the substrate.

    Take note that for floor preparation, we will not install the floor. You need a different group to do this. We can do this if you want, but you need to let us know right from the get-go.

    Actually, it is better that you allow us to lay the flooring, too. This way, you will deal only with one contractor. It will help you save money and only one company is accountable for the project output.

    Floor Preparation Contractor in Wollongong

    Wollongong is a bustling city, and we are at the forefront of its development. If you have a question, feel free to contact us—you will find our phone number on our website.

    Now, if you need a quote just so you have an idea how much it costs, you can use our “request quote” form. Give us the details of your project and we will respond to you shortly.

    We can also schedule a visit to your business. This is actually better so we can assess it in person. Our engineers will go there and discuss your vision. From there, we can work out a plan with your floor preparation contractor in Wollongong.