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Darwin Floor Preparation: Why Choose Australian Construction?

    Darwin floor preparation is important in every construction. This is a necessary process to make the installation of the new flooring more efficient. This is especially useful to those with vast floor surfaces, and multi-floor buildings.

    With us, Australian Construction, we give great importance to the process and to the clients’ projects. In this article, we are going to discuss the process of floor preparation, and why you should choose us to take on your construction project.

    What is floor preparation?

    Floor preparation is the process that involves making the sub-floor ready for the upcoming installation. This will be the bridge towards a stronger bond between the old and the new flooring. To put it simply, this is the pre-construction process for the base of the infrastructure.

    However, there is a problem lying around this topic. Most project heads opt to not avail floor preparation because of additional requirements of the process. Aside from the need to invest a little more money, the project will take longer than the usual.

    At Australian Construction, we can assure you that this is a vital step to the process and a part of the process that if avoided will just end up costing more in the long run. This will result in a lot more expenses and time wastage.

    The said process is led by contractors like us. Our company consists of a team of experienced contractors to ensure the quality of the subfloor prepping.

    In the next sections, we will be moving on to the tasks that our contractors will do once a project has started. These are arranged in their respective orders. You can expect to have a clear overview of what to expect from us by the end of the reading.

    1. Planning

    First off, we have the project planning. This is the starting point of the process which will help both our contractors and clients to be oriented on the expected output of the floor preparation.

    Project Needs

    Here, we can talk about the project needs in general. This may refer to the resources, the necessary types of equipment, the sub-processes, and the likes. This will help build a concrete framework for the flooring prep.

    Client’s Requirements

    Along with what the project is in need of, the clients can also give their requirements about the final flooring output. These requirements may involve area coverage, preparation methods, maintenance, etc. Knowing this is important for our contractors to know how to satisfy our clients.

    Possible Suggestions

    Suggestions can be given by both the clients and the contractors. These do not necessarily have to fit the requirements, and may simply arise from a flawed plans. 

    With Darwin Floor Preparation by Australian Construction, it is one of our duties to ensure the quality of our service. To efficiently do this, we analyse all information given and give recommendations if a better solution is possible.


    Knowing the budget is also one of the most significant factors in the floor planning. This will determine the type of resources that can be used throughout the project.

    This step can be done in multiple ways. We can conduct a brainstorming, an interview, or through site visits.

    2. Old Floor Removal

    After a plan is made, it is now time to start preparing the sub-floor for installation. In particular, this will involve the removal of the old flooring. This is done to provide adequate space for the new flooring.

    This is necessary no matter what flooring type is placed on the sub-floor. Below are the benefits of this step.

    Seamless Surface

    Eliminating the previous flooring from the equation will result in a smooth surface. This will remove the possibility of bumps, uneven surfaces, and bulky layers. In addition, this will also provide a larger space for the new floor.

    Easier Floor Installation

    The installation will also be easier this way. We do not have to encounter hindrances coming from the previous flooring type. Removing the old floor means getting to work on an empty slate which provides more flexibility for our contractors.

    Eliminates Numerous Risks

    The last benefit on our list is related to health and safety concerns. This step results in a safer surface for the clients and their consumers.

    Note that this is only applicable to those with already existing flooring like long-standing malls and roads. This won’t be needed if the project involves newly-built infrastructures.

    Cleaning Process

    Next up, we have the cleaning process. This is something that is needed to be fulfilled whatever the status of the infrastructure. Here, our team will be responsible for removing the following:

    • Flooring remains
    • Dried adhesives
    • Dirt and dust
    • Stains
    • Unnecessary items
    • Left Garbage

    Doing this step will lead to a surface that is all set for the integration of the new resources. Exposing the project to a clean sub-floor will also help adhesives stick better, which is the complete opposite if we opt for a dirty surface. Specifically, dirt can get in the way of the adhesives’ ability.

    3. Floor Levelling

    The last step in the process of floor preparation is the levelling of the floor surface. This is done by making the sub-floor match its actual height and width. This also includes eliminating the following flaws like:

    • Gaps
    • Cracks
    • Misaligned surfaces
    • Holes
    • Formed types of cement

    We believe that these aspects are some of the most essential parts to the process. To simply ignore any stage in this process or leaving underlying issues self-addressed can lead to risky  and hazardous infrastructure that does not meet safety and building compliance. If these are not taken care of immediately, it may be the cause of the deterioration of the infrastructure’s build in the long run, massive Government fines or accidental injury.

    Furthermore, gaps and holes can also cause accidents especially if we are talking about large projects like roads, and multi-storey buildings.


    To sum it up, floor preparation is an important process to ensure a stable foundation of the construction. This is the base of the project at hand, and thus, it should be well-prepared for the purpose of moulding its strength rather than the appearance alone.

    We assure that our contractors are the best in town. We are knowledgeable of the process and our top priority lies in our clients and the project.

    To know more about the project, you can give us a call and we can take it from there. We can give you an overview of the basics of floor preparation.

    So get in contact today and have one of our specialised floor construction consultants give you an overview of just what we can do for you, with a Darwin Floor Preparation Contractor.