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Gold Coast Floor Preparation Contractor: Five Services You Need

    At Australian Construction, we do not limit ourselves with common construction practices. We are a team of engineers who ensure that our methods are up to date to meet the demands for Gold Coast floor preparation contractor services. 

    We use this principle even for the most mundane of tasks, like floor preparation contractor service in Gold Coast.

    Today, we will introduce you to the five types of floor preparation services that we do. In the end, you will have better choices, and you can work with us to identify what works best for your facility.

    Concrete Polishing 

    Concrete polishing is a process where we restore old and new types of concrete flooring. We are primarily focused on the surface. What happens is that the new polished concrete becomes more durable.

    Here are the other benefits of doing this:

    • Makes concrete resistant to stain
    • Makes the floor shinier because of the glossy finish

    What we do with this service is that we provide your facility with a functional finish. We can discuss the kind of finish that you want, and we have several options that will help fit your budget. We do not just polish the floor, but we also ensure that we use the right tools and machinery to get the job done.

    Overall, what you get is a no-wax flooring material. The concrete itself is the finish, and we can do this with our different grinding techniques. Whether your concrete is new or old, we can give it a new life.

    Floor Demolition and Removal 

    On some occasions, your flooring is already so worn out that the best option is to demolish it. If this is what you want to do, then we can help you with it.

    Here are some of the types of floors that we remove:

    In line with this, we will work with your civil engineers so we can better understand how to prepare the flooring once the finish is removed. This is a great option if your project involves renovation.

    We use different kinds of machines to get this job done quickly. Here are some examples:

    Propane-powered machines

    Electric machines

    Battery-operated machines

    These machines work best in specific conditions, and we use what is appropriate according to the type of project. All our machines are state-of-the-art. By the time we are done with the demolition, we will also grind the floor to prepare it for the specific new finish that you want.

    Shot Blasting

    Shot blasting is a process where the concrete is ground to make it even and level. It is a cost-effective way to prepare the floor. Shot blasting is used to prepare the floor before you apply finish materials like epoxy and polyurethane.  

    We use noisy shot blasting equipment, so we strongly suggest that you stop your operations if we do this project. There is no need to worry about dirt since our shot blasting machines are connected to vacuum machines. The vacuum will automatically suck the debris and dirt from the concrete that we grind.

    We use different materials for the process. These are called steel shots. They have different grits, and we use the ones appropriate to the condition of the floor. These steel shots are abrasive, and they will remove concrete from the floor to make it levelled.  

    Diamond Grinding 

    In diamond grinding, we use roe abrasive materials to make the concrete smooth. It is an industrial process to prepare flooring, especially for malls and large projects. The diamond grinders act like sandpaper, but for concrete.  

    The goal of diamond grinding is to achieve a specific kind of surface profile for your flooring. The most common goal is to achieve CSP 2, or concrete surface profile 2. We use several types of equipment to make this happen, like the diamond grinder and edge grinder.

    For large-scale projects, we also use large machines that people have to push. Like shot blasting, this produces a lot of dust, debris, and dirt. But like shot blasting, we have our vacuums at the ready to collect the dust as the grinder is put to work.

    Diamond grinding is a three-step and slow process. We typically use this service if there are so many irregularities in the concrete.

    Abrasive Blasting

    The last service we offer as floor preparation contractor is abrasive blasting. We do this to remove the following:

    • Mastic
    • Paint
    • Rubber coating
    • Epoxy coating and finishes
    • Glue from carpet
    • Line stripes and adhesives
    • Waterproofing membranes

    Abrasive grinding works like a shot blast. It is a cost-effective process, and all the materials and equipment we use are safe for the environment.

    What happens during this blasting process is that your concrete surface gets cleaned. It is also prepared for the final finish. Once the job is done, what you get is a chemical-free concrete, ready for the finish or pre-finish coating that you desire.

    We also take care of the disposal. When we do abrasive grinding, it leaves a lot of debris. We clean it up in no time. We do have high-technology vacuum-collection machines. No contaminants are left, and this means that you can apply your finish with no problem at all.

    Summary: Gold Coast Floor Preparation Contractor

    If you need any type of floor preparation, always remember our name: Australian Construction. Not only do we offer this kind of service, but we also provide many other services like earthworks, painting, asphalt, demolition, and many more.

    We are experts in the field of large-scale construction. We have our own equipment, and our resident engineers can team up with your civil engineers. We value the timeliness of the project, and we will finish our jobs according to the plan.

    Our services are available not just in Gold Coast, but also in others like Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and many other cities. Give us a call now and let us discuss your project. We are your premier choice for large-scale projects such as malls, government facilities, hospitals, and others.