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Melbourne Floor Preparation Contractor: What You Need To Know

    Having a beautiful and fully-functioning floor is impossible to achieve instantly. You need a Melbourne floor preparation contractor to get this done. 

    This is especially true in Melbourne, Australia where the average floor size of a single facility totals to more or less than 200 square meters.

    Because of this, it’s just right that you consider our services as floor preparation contractors to help you achieve your dream floor. 

    In this article, we’re going to walk you through on what our service is all about and why it is important. By the end of the reading, you can expect to have a concrete idea about floor preparation and a go-to service provider.

    What is floor preparation?

    Floor preparation is not known to every house owner. Usually, they just purchase tiles or whichever flooring they prefer and then proceed to directly incorporating them to the plan. This is probably the first and most common mistake that home-owners and/or renovators do.

    With floor preparation, a more in-depth construction will be made to ensure a stronger bond between the existing flooring and the new one. No matter what type of house you have may it be commercial, industrial, this is a must before installing a new set of the floor surface. 

    Here are the other concepts that are related to floor preparation:

    • Floor Installation
    • Surface Preparation
    • Floor Removal and Replacement

    Considering all the needed preparatory processes, this is definitely time-consuming, but it doesn’t erase the fact that this should not be overlooked.

    In our company, we strive to make sure that the surface is capable enough to greatly support whatever will be placed next. We stand by with the belief that all the risks and health hazards should be eliminated in order to provide quality service.

    Furthermore, our team is composed of experienced contractors who are knowledgeable enough to work according to the given time and budget.

    What does a Floor Preparation Contractor do?

    Now that you are already familiar with what floor preparation is, let us go deeper about what we, as contractors, will do once you hire us. 

    Floor Planning

    Before we start with the process, we take initiative in learning and understanding our potential work environment. This is something that we do not skip so we can have the full-frame on what the problems are, what it needs to be solved, and the possible risks and issues.

    This initial planning will also allow better negotiations to arrive at a reasonable price and time frame. We do this by visiting the site in person and interviewing the clients to know exactly what they want.

    Intensive Cleaning Process

    Once we have a blueprint of what to do, we can now set an appointment on when we can start. We prioritise the cleaning process as much as any other process because this will serve as the base of floor preparation.

    This doesn’t equate to just soap and water cleaning, though. We will remove the old flooring completely and strip away the old surface. Our main goal is to eliminate all debris, remains, adhesives, tapes, glues, and the likes, that can deteriorate your flooring’s quality if left on.

    Evening Floor Levels

    Depending on the structural integrity and as soon as the floor’s clean, we will proceed to make the flooring as even as possible. We will fill in the unnecessary gaps and holes so the new flooring will settle in seamlessly. This will also remove the issues when it comes to potholed surfaces.

    Progress Checking

    Our service avoids the need for any impulsive decisions. We don’t stop and go immediately to the succeeding step in hopes of being finished faster. We value quality as much as we value our client’s feedback and satisfaction.

    After every step, we double-check our performance by meticulously going over the job at hand, observing for any inconsistencies. It is our job to only provide satisfaction and it is our duty to live up to that.

    Flooring Installation

    This is an optional process as this may depend on the business contract. If you choose this for a small additional charge, however, we can also finish the whole job for you by installing the new flooring on the newly-prepared surface.

    When to consider floor preparations

    If you are looking into flooring removal or installation service look no further than Australian Constructions Floor Preparation Service Melbourne. Check our list below of who this service is can benefit: 

    For newly-bought houses

    If you just finished constructing a house, may it be for you or your family, it probably has plain cement as its floor. This is not really pleasing especially if you’re going for a specific look or vibe in your home.


    On the other hand, if your house is quite old and you are seeking a new look through home renovations, our service can also help you with your floor’s aesthetics. One way or another, you will need to require our services to prepare your old resources for the new ones on the way.

    Creaking floors

    Finally, if your only issue lies in your flooring, you can ask us for assistance so we can give suggestions on whether you need a whole new flooring, or you can save money by opting for just minor repairs.

    If you are one of those people who are in the same boat as the scenarios above, then we can vouch for an efficient floor preparation through our company’s floor preparation contractors. If you are still unsure, however, there is no harm in calling us and asking for further consultations.


    Floor preparation is definitely one of the most important processes involving any building. Keep in mind that the flooring is the base of your house, and thus it is important to ensure that they are stable and have no underlying issues.

    Feel free to contact us through our phone number, email, or website, and our team will be more than happy to walk you through on our services and other additional information that you should know. You can also send us concerns if any, and we assure you to answer you with all transparency.