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Why Do You Need a Townsville Floor Preparation Contractor?

    Our team of experienced Townsville floor preparation contractor experts is now extending our services to Australia’s largest urban centre, Townsville. With a population of 180,820 in estimation, there is no doubt about houses having a high demand in the city of Townsville.

    Taking this into account, it is just right that we offer floor preparations to make sure that each will be built with a stable foundation.

    Not everyone is familiar with the process, however. This is why today, we are going to talk about what floor preparation is and what our company can provide you with once you negotiate a project with us.

    What is floor preparation?

    First of all, let us define the process of floor preparation.

    Simply speaking, when you need to install new flooring, whatever type it maybe, the primary step that you have to take is to ensure that your canvas is ready. By canvas, we are referring to the floor which is to be modified.

    This is done with the goal of building a strong bond between the existing flooring and the new one. This will help ensure that there will be no problems with the house or building once the installation is completed.

    Here are some steps, all to be discussed in-depth in the next section, that are involved in the process of floor preparation:

    • Old floor removal
    • Intense surface cleaning
    • Debris removal
    • Flooring installation

    The problem, though, is not everyone understands the significance of floor preparation. This is the reason why this process is always overlooked, and home-owners end up with having to opt for constant floor remodelling. This equates to higher payment costs and wasted time.

    Fortunately for you, our company is one call away. We offer high-quality floor preparation services. We stand firm by the belief that the extra work done in the pre work phase is what will prepare the final flooring to look like a masterpiece. Not only will it look better but it will also create longer lasting infrastructure, void of the need for future modifications.

    What does it mean to undergo floor preparation?

    The steps that a contractor needs to complete are previously provided. Now that you have an idea about those, let us now move on to discussing the tasks one by one:

    Floor Planning

    As a team, we can’t just directly move on to the physical labour activities. We have to construct a plan so both parties know the needs of the project. This will also provide transparency between the company and the clients.

    Planning is important because this will determine the type and quantity of resources that will be needed throughout the project.

    This can be done through interviews and site visits.

    Old Floor Removal

    This involves removing the existing flooring to make room for the new flooring type. The length of this process depends on what will be removed, e.g. tiles, wood, linoleum, etc.

    In some cases, this task may not be applicable. For instance, there are newly-built houses that have no existing floor and are only equipped with cemented surfaces. This means that there are no old resources that are in need of removal.

    Intense Cleaning Process

    Of course, the process does not stop with just the removal of old resources. After this, our team will move on to cleaning every bit of the bare surface to eliminate all the debris, dirt, dust, old adhesives, and possible remains of the previous flooring.

    This is done to assure a cleaner and smoother slate to work on. It will also eliminate the possibility of having bumpy surfaces.

    Floor Surface Evening

    After taking care of the remnants, the next process to be done is to even out the surface. This means getting rid of all the cracks, the holes, and unnecessary different floor heights.

    We assure you that we will take care of every single issue present, from the smallest to the most evident size. This part will greatly make the installation process more efficient.


    Last, and definitely not the least, is the new floor installation. This is the final step to having the flooring type that you and your property needs. Here, we are finally going to integrate the new flooring to the freshly prepared canvas.

    Based on the processes stated above, it is obvious that floor preparation takes a long time. This is normal, however, so you do not have to worry about the time frame. This factor should also not stop you from opting for floor preparation.

    What can our company offer you?

    Our contractor team guarantees that when you choose our service, you are also choosing the following benefits:

    Experienced Contractors

    All of our team members are educated and well-trained in the field. We assure you that we know what we are doing, and we are also willing to share it with all of you. Our contractors are also knowledgeable about the ins and outs of floor preparation so you can rest assured that the project is held in good hands.

    Despite this, we try our best to keep up with the most recent innovations in order to look for more ways to earn our clients’ satisfaction.

    High-Quality Service

    We also make sure that each step is taken with precaution to fully avoid running into risks and issues in the long run. It is our life goal to provide the highest quality of service by doing our best in every preparation process.

    Safety-Focused Output

    Our primary concern is not the aesthetic that we can bring; we pay more attention to safety as poorly-prepared flooring can lead to accidents. We give utmost importance to this factor because we value the clients as much as we value every part of the project.

    We are constantly striving to be the top-performing service provider in the industry. We believe that we get better each day and we assure that your needs and satisfaction come first above everything.

    Summary: Townsville Floor Preparation Contractor

    We will be more than happy to assist you with your needs and concerns. Feel free to send us a message or call us on the number provided. You can ask us anything, deliver your concerns or ask us for suggestions, and we will welcome you with open arms.

    We are also available in other locations such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and others,  so you can also consider contacting us in such case.