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Canberra Foundation Contractor

Canberra Foundation Contractor

    A foundation contractor in Canberra is someone you need in any kind of construction. While some people think that this is part of an ordinary contractor’s work, it is actually a form of specialisation.

    We want to discuss with you the things that you can expect from a foundation contractor. This way, you can ask your contractor for these services if you need them. Also, you will have an understanding of what your contractor means if he mentions any of these.

    1. Surveying Services

    This survey is a process where the contractor will validate how big your land is. This involves measurement that will allow the contractor to put a demarcation line on your property. 

    This is an important process, so the construction firm knows which part is your land and which part is not. As such, you can avoid disputes later on if you build something that is not on your land. 

    This survey also includes an analysis of the soil. The engineer who is in charge of this needs to know whether you have soft soil or hard soil. This information will help the engineers determine how to go about laying the foundation for your building.  

    2. Excavation Services

    The second most common kind of service you can expect from a foundation contractor in Canberra is excavation. Here, the contractor will dig the soil and in preparation for the construction.

    Excavation is a tedious process. The contractor will have to remove debris, trees and their stumps, and also the vegetation.

    During the excavation process, the contractor will bring along big machines like the excavator, backhoe, and even bulldozers.

    One tip we can give you is to hire a contractor who has these machines. If a contractor has to rent these machines, your project may experience delays.

    3. Footings Services

    Footings are stakes that contractors use to determine specific areas. They are called the property line. Contractors do this during the foundation phase so they can dig in the right places.

    The footing also involves putting platforms underground to support the walls. These are the metal braces that you place in the ground where the posts are jointed. Without footing, the posts will be unstable, and they will eventually collapse.

    Some types of projects require drainage. In this case, you have to ask your engineer if this is needed for your building. Drainage tiles are important if you have to equalise groundwater.  

    4. Foundations Services

    The last service we will discuss is the foundation itself. These are the materials that we use to support the building. This can come in the form of metal, concrete, wood, or a combination of several things.

    Some engineers use pressure-treated blocks, and some use wood. On a construction site, it is not unusual to see something like a scaffolding made of wood, especially if you will pour concrete for your flooring.

    The kind of foundation materials and their grade will depend on the building. Only the engineer is qualified to make this decision for you. Also, the foundation process has to be in sync with other activities. For example, there may be a need to lay the pipes first before pouring the concrete.

    Summary: Foundation Contractor in Canberra

    These are the most common services you can expect from a foundation contractor. If there is a service you are looking for that we did not mention here, just give us a call and we will let help you out.

    If you need a price quote for any of these services, you can mention that in our phone call or use our contact form. Give us details about your project and one of our engineers will assess it. After that, we will send you a price quote.