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Central Coast Foundation Contractor

Central Coast Foundation Contractor

    A foundation contractor on the Central Coast is the person that starts the entire process of the construction. This contractor is also responsible for the strength of the structure, as each building relies on how good the foundation is.

    The foundation process is not a simple task. It is a complicated process, and this is why you need to hire a specialist to do it for you. Today, we will share with you several benefits of a good foundation.

    Weight Distribution

    All kinds of structures are pulling down—think of gravity. Because everything on the building is resting on the foundation, the foundation must be able to bear this load.

    The foundation holds on to the ground. A foundation contractor on the Central Coast should make sure of this. If the ground is soft or unstable, the foundation is going to collapse. Apart from this, the structure must distribute its weight in the entire area that the building covers. This prevents what is called unequal settlement.

    One problem with a bad foundation is that the soil can also collapse. If that area of the soil collapses, the building will follow. This is why a good foundation must have equal distribution. If one area of the soil erodes, there are still several key points that can support the building.

    Serves as an anchor

    The ground is not always stable. Nature comes back to us in the form of disasters. Here are some examples:

    • Earthquakes
    • Floods
    • Frost heaves
    • Tornadoes
    • Strong winds

    All these calamities will attempt to pull the building off the ground. If the foundation is weak, the building will collapse.

    This is why not all lands are suitable for high-rise buildings. The engineer that you are working with will have to study what kind of soil you have and then provide you with a recommendation on what kind of building you can put up.

    The foundation serves as an anchor to the ground. The deeper it is, the better it can hold on. As such, even earthquakes will not be able to topple your structure. The only exception is if the earthquake is abnormally strong.

    Prevents lateral movements

    Lateral movement is a common defect in structures. It is sometimes called bowing walls. Some people call it pulling away. Pretty much, it is an occurrence where the wall seems to be moving far from the base foundation.

    This happens when the foundation is wrong or if it is weak. It can also happen during an earthquake and the foundation failed to anchor to the ground. On some occasions, the soil gets loosened or corroded, and the foundation is now not cohesive with the ground.

    There is a remedy to this. However, prevention is still better than cure. Instead of fixing the issue, it has to be avoided. You can only do this if the engineer did his job right—he has to assess the soil carefully and also consider whether or not the location is on an earthquake fault or not.   

    Summary: Foundation Contractor on the Central Coast

    A good foundation is what makes a building last long. This is not a new concept—there are many buildings that are hundreds of years old. However, you have to ensure that you hire the right team.

    Different foundation contractor services have different price ranges. If you need a price quote, give us a call or use our contact form. Tell us what you need, and give us details about your project. One of our engineers will review it and respond to you.

    You can also schedule a meeting with us. This is better because we can do an ocular inspection. If we can survey the site, we can provide a better assessment.