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Geelong Foundation Contractor

Geelong Foundation Contractor

    A foundation contractor in Geelong is what you need for any construction project. But before you hire someone to do it for you, you must have a clear understanding of what they do. This way, you and the contractor will have fair expectations from each other.

    What we will discuss with you today are some of the basic services you can expect from a foundation contractor. This should serve as a guide for you, and you can use it to ask a prospective contractor to find out if they offer these services.

    Complete Excavation – Site Preparation

    This service of a foundation contractor in Geelong starts with the surveying process. We need to know which part of the land is yours, and then we will put demarcation lines. Then, we will assess the soil, so your engineer knows how to go about the best type of foundation to use.  

    From there, the excavation will begin. We at Australian Construction have the right machinery to get this done. We have big machines like excavators, backhoes, trenchers, and bulldozers. Before digging, we may need to do some land clearing exercises where we will remove boulders, trees, and vegetation.

    Since we have the right machinery, we can complete the digging really fast. The depth that we will dig will depend on two things: the type of soil and what you will build on it.

    Prefab or Complete Custom Forms

    The next step is to pre-fabricate the materials that we will use for the foundation. It is up to your construction engineer to decide what to use. The most common options are metal, concrete, and wood.

    This is the phase where we will install footings. These are an integral part of the foundation. What we commonly do is to install re-bar—these are metals shaped in the right form to hold the post. After installing the re-bar, we will be pouring the concrete.

    The main purpose of re-bar is to prevent the foundation from moving or shifting. Pretty much, the building’s capacity to stand depends on the footing.

    In addition to this, there are many types of foundation that we can use. There are t-shaped foundations, slab on grade, and then there are foundations that are protected against frost.  

    Waterproofing | Drainage System Installations 

    Another common service you can expect from a foundation contractor is waterproofing and the installation of drainage systems.

    Before the construction begins, the building or house must already have a blueprint. This blueprint tells us where the pipes will be. If we know where they should be, we will put the pipes and run their course before we pour the concrete.

    It would be wise if you hire a contractor who is also knowledgeable in other areas of the construction industry. In this case, one who knows plumbing can help.

    We at Australian Construction are experts in all facets of the construction business. We have been doing this for over 20 years. As such, we do not just do foundations, but we also do plumbing, electrical services, excavation and demolition, and a whole lot more.  

    Summary: Foundation Contractor in Geelong

    This contains only the basic services you can expect from a contractor. If you are looking for a service that is not on this list, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our phone number is at the top of our website.

    If what you need is a quote, you can ask that if you call us, or use or contact form. Give us the details for your project, and we will review it. From there, we will send you a price range for the services you need.