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Newcastle Foundation Contractor: Advantages Of A Foundation Contractor

    The construction business is a complicated one. There are so many things that go on when building infrastructure. But why do you need a local foundation contractor in Newcastle when you are already working with a construction firm?

    Here at Australian Construction, we will demystify this issue. We will explain why hiring a foundation contractor is better and safer than doing it on your own. In the end, we hope you realize that a foundation contractor is an imperative component of your construction team.

    Advantage 1: you will get professional expertise

    Not all construction workers know how to build or dig a foundation. Expert foundation contractors like our foundation contractor in Newcastle are comprised of engineers who specialise in this kind of job.

    Foundation contractors are experts. They will not just dig—they calculate the depth of the foundation in relation to the size of the structure. This is crucial as the foundation is what holds the building in place.

    If you saw a building that collapsed despite its neighbouring buildings still standing, chances are that the contractor did a bad job.

    At Australian Construction, we do not just build for the sake of it. We understand that a foundation is required so that the walls do not separate from the floors! We know what kind of foothold is necessary to support the weight of the structure.

    Advantage 2: you will have access to tools

    Working on a building’s foundation is not merely about getting a shovel and digging. Large and heavy machinery is needed to get this job done.

    At Australian Construction, we have a wide array of equipment that we use to facilitate the job safely and efficiently. We value the time of our clients, and the only way we can complete the foundation project is through the use of large machinery.  

    Here are some examples of the equipment we use for digging:

    • Excavators excavators are used for large-scale digging. They are huge machines that have an attachment that digs through the soil. These machines can also be used for demolition projects
    • Backhoe – these machines look like excavators, but they dig backwards. They are great for digging trenches, and they are also used to load debris and soil to the dump trucks. Backhoes are also called loaders. The ones that we use have stabilizers to make sure that they are safe—they will not tip over.
    • Bulldozers – these are machines that push the debris and soil to a specific spot. From there, the backhoe will load them to dump trucks. Bulldozers are also used to even out the soil.

    We have much more equipment, such as the trencher and the compactor. The compactor is one that is always a part of the foundation-building process, as it is the machine that compacts the soil to make it sturdy.

    Advantage 3: you get value for money

    You cannot do trial and error with the foundation-building process. The last thing you want is to have repeat work. We at Australian Construction are experts who can guarantee that we can do this right on the first attempt.

    We know the value of your time. As mentioned earlier, we use heavy equipment to do the heavy-lifting of the project. With heavy machinery, we can guarantee that we can keep track and maintain the project as scheduled.

    As such, you get value for your money. If you ask other contractors who do not specialize in foundation building, do not be surprised if they don’t do it right. And if this happens, you pay their salaries only to have an expert company repair the damage they have done.

    How should you choose a Newcastle foundation contractor? 

    There are some important things that you should consider before you hire a foundation contractor.

    These are:

    Expertise – only hire an expert who has been in the business for a long while. The more projects a contractor has completed, the more they are exposed to different problems that may arise. There are many things that can go wrong in a project, and only experts are prepared to tackle this problem.  

    Cost – how much does the work cost? We are not saying that you should always pick the cheapest price or contract. You have to consider what kind of value you are getting from the service.

    Reputation – ask around; talk to your friends, family members, and fellow engineers who the best foundation contractors are. Ask those who have already built a large-scale project, and you will have an idea who you should be dealing with.

    License – one last but equally important thing you should look for is a license. Australia has a government code, and only licensed companies must take on foundation jobs. We at Australian Construction are not just licensed—we adequately trained our employees and our engineers are also professionally licensed.

    The team at Australian Construction possess all of the above qualities. Even if you shop around for contractors, we have a belief in the service that we can do, and we are confident that you will consider us for your project.

    Summary: Newcastle foundation contractor 

    As you can see, a foundation contractor is an expert. You cannot go wrong with your foundation—you must not. The wrong-footing or foundation of any infrastructure will make it collapse. The last thing that you want is to have a facility sitting on an unsecured foundation. Needless to say, this results in serious liability problems.

    Give us a call at Australian Construction. We will schedule a meeting with you, and we will walk you through all our processes. Should you decide to work with us, we will have to review the blueprint and see how we can best do the job.

    We will work out a quote with you, inclusive of warranties and liabilities, and then our foundation contractor in Newcastle will get started with your project really soon!

    As professionals, we are licensed and we offer a warranty for our work. We have been in the business for over 20 years, and the dozens upon dozens of clients that we have served will tell you that our work lives up to our reputation. Why not contact our team today!