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Toowoomba Foundation Contractor

Toowoomba Foundation Contractor

    You need a foundation contractor in Toowoomba for repairs. It is part of their expertise, and it is not wise to just call any kind of contractor.

    Today, what we want to focus on are the common types of repair that you can expect from contractors. This information will help you understand what contractors will discuss with you should you come across a foundation problem.

    When do you need foundation repair? 

    There are different types of damages. As the homeowner, you may not realise how bad the damage is unless you contact a professional. Most of the time, it is already too late before you realise that the building has a serious foundation problem.

    However, there are some signs that will help you know if something is wrong. Here are some examples;

    • The floor becomes uneven even it wasn’t so before
    • The mouldings have cracks
    • Mouldings are popping off your wall
    • You are seeing cracks on the walls inside or outside
    • The windows and the doors are not functioning as they used to be
    • The walls are getting separated from the floor or from the ceiling

    If you see any of these signs, there is a foundation problem. You should not ignore these signs because they can lead to serious damage in the future. What you have to do is to contact a foundation contractor in Toowoomba as soon as you can.

    Common foundation repairs

    Now, let us talk about common repairs if you ever have a foundation problem. This list should give you a basic idea of what the contractor is doing.


    This method is also called slab-jacking. In this repair method, the contractor is going to pump concrete underneath the part of your house that is beginning to sag. What will happen is that it will raise that area to a certain level. This is the most common method provided that the problem is arrested in time.  

    Structural Foam Levelling

    In this method, the contractor would use foam beneath the foundation’s concrete slab. Contractors will use injection machines to apply this. This kind of foam has air bubbles. As such, the foam will expand and lift the concrete, making it level. One advantage of using this method is that it can be a barrier against moisture.


    In this method, the foundation contractor in Toowoomba will raise your house from its foundation. The way to do it is to raise it slowly, as low as about 1/8 of an inch. This is a dangerous process. All electrical outlets must be disconnected, and there has to be insurance before you do this job.

    Once the house is high enough, contractors will go underground to repair the foundation of your house.

    Another popular method is called wall anchors. Contractors do this for basement walls. They drive wall anchors deep into the soil to prevent the walls from caving in.

    Summary: Foundation Contractor in Toowoomba

    This list should suffice for now. As technology and science improve, there will certainly be new techniques that contractors use. If you have a question, do not hesitate to let us know.

    If you are sure that you need a foundation contractor, what you need is a price quote. You can ask this from us by contacting us now. You can also use the contact form from our website. Give us the details about the issue, and one of our experts will get back to you.

    The best thing that we can offer you is to schedule a meeting. We will visit your site and do an ocular inspection. Here, we can see what the real problem is and conduct a better assessment.