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Main Types Of Foundation Contractor Services In Townsville

    Have you ever wondered if there are different types of foundations? Yes, indeed there are. If you are going to work with your local foundation contractor in Townsville, you will be surprised that this job is not only just about pouring concrete!

    Today, here at Australian Construction are going to discuss several types of projects that we cover. It is imperative to know that different types of structures and purposes also entail different approaches to laying the foundation.

    What does a foundation contractor do? 

    The main job of the foundation contractor is to excavate the soil, and then lay the metal foundation, and then finally pour the concrete. This is a general thing to say, as there are also foundations that are made of wood.

    The foundation is a structural system. It is the very thing that supports the building. Whether it is a house or a high-rise building, the structural integrity of the facility depends on the quality of the foundation. What the foundation does is to transmit the load of the building into the earth.

    Generally speaking, the bottom of the foundation must be below the frost line. This is important because the earth freezes and thaws, and this can damage the materials used in the foundation.

    The different types of foundation projects

    Now, let us take a look at the different types of foundations that contractors work on. By the end of this section, you will be able to place where your project belongs, and look for a contractor that best fits your needs.

    Housing foundations – a house needs a foundation like any other structure. The foundation serves as a shoulder where the house sits. The house has a considerable weight, and there has to be a flat base underneath to support it. If wood is used as a foundation, it has to be separated from the ground or it will rot.

    For house foundations, the most commonly used materials are brick, concrete, pressure-treated lumber that has preservatives, and stone. Today, the most common foundation is concrete because of its dependability as far as structural integrity is concerned.

    Building foundations – for buildings, it is much more complicated. The building should transfer its weight or load to the foundation, and the foundation spreads that load to the earth. For buildings, there are shallow and deep foundations. Naturally, a tall building needs a deep and strong foundation.  

    For buildings, it is not unusual to see foundations that are between 10 and 20 meters deep. The target here is to search for bedrock. For a building like Burj Khalifa, the foundation is about 85 meters deep!

    Raising foundations – a raised foundation is the kind where the footing is made around the perimeters of the structure. The bottom of this is a plate and the structure sits on top of it. Usually, a raised foundation is made with a concrete slab.

    In a raised foundation the main floor of the structure is raised about the earth. This is the most common type of foundation as it is also the most practical.

    Basements – a basement foundation does not mean that it is a foundation for a basement. What it means is that the footings are running on the sides or the perimeters of the basement. The foundation footings are also deep—they are below the frost line.

    The most commonly used type is called daylight basement type. In here, one or two sides are running along with the basement and are aligned to the ground from floor to ceiling. As the slope changes, the foundations get shallower, giving the opportunity to put windows at the top of the earth’s surface.  

    Repiling and piling repair – the last one is a type used in soils that are always shifting. A pile is similar to a beam that you see in piers. Pilings are made of different materials. They can be made of wood or concrete. Some prefer steel.

    So far, these are the most common types of foundation projects that our foundation contractor in Townsville does. While you have several options, you cannot choose one just because you like it. At the end of the day, the foundation of your structure will depend on how big and how tall your building is going to be.

    How to choose the best contractor

    There are many contractors out there, including our team. The sheer number of choices puts you in a tough spot, so how should you choose a contractor?

    The first thing that you have to look for is a license. If the contractor has no license, walk away. The license is proof that the contractor is duly recognized by the government, and that he or they are qualified to get the job done.

    The second thing you have to consider is reputation. Ask around and find out who the best contractors are. You can ask your friends and family members for feedback if they have had some projects in the past.

    A good contractor is popular because of the quality of work they do. Our foundation contractor in Townsville is proud of its history in completing quality projects for the local community.

    The last thing you have to check is the experience. How long has the contractor been doing this? We are not saying that you should not deal with companies that are new to the industry. If they are licensed, you can consider them. However, you must know that if they do not have adequate experience, then there is a higher risk of the job not getting done right.   

    Summary: foundation contractor Townsville

    Now that you know the processes done for different types of establishments, it is time that you identify yours. If you have any kind of large-scale project, the name to call is Australian Construction.

    So, why us?

    Our foundation contractor in Townsville has been in this business for over 20 years. Our teams many years of experience has exposed us to different possible situations. We are prepared for any challenge that will come along. Here at Australian Construction, we do not only do foundation services.

    We also offer many other kinds of industrial services like electrical engineering, excavation, industrial painting, and so much more. Give us a call now and let’s discuss your next project!