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Wollongong Foundation Contractor

Wollongong Foundation Contractor

    Before hiring a foundation contractor in Wollongong, one has to understand what this group of experts do. Sure, they are part of many construction companies, but there are also those that specialise in this area only.

    We at Australian Construction will explain to you some of the basic services that we offer. This should tell you how you should be dealing with contractors, given that the foundation of your structure is its most critical component.


    The first step is to survey the property. This is a process that allows us to determine the demarcation of your land. We need a clear title for it. The bank and the title company can help you with this.

    Our role as a surveyor is to decide the position of the home based on this information. We have tools that will allow us to specifically identify the length and width of the land—the boundaries where your properties sit.

    Also, a foundation contractor in Wollongong needs to determine whether your land is low or high, and what type of soil you have. In addition, we will find out if there are boulders, trees, or stumps that we have to remove. All these actions have to be in compliance with government codes.   


    The next step is to dig. This is one of the most tedious parts of the foundation process. Digging is not just about getting soil off. It requires science, too.

    We can only start digging once we know what structure you are going to build here. The depth of the excavation depends on how big the property is going to be, and on the type of soil.

    It is here that we will need big machines like excavators, trenchers, and bulldozers. Our company has all these machines—we do not have to rent from the outside, and this means your project will not have any delays.


    Footings are stakes that denote the edge of the property. We use footings to find the edges and the potions of the footing forms layer on.

    A footing is what sets the foundation for the walls. After installation, we need to check whether they are upright. This ensures that they are in the right position and that they are sitting on solid ground.


    One of the last steps is to lay down the foundation. There are many materials that we can choose from, and this depends on the kind of building that you are putting up.

    Here are some examples that we can use:

    Before we start with this, we have to take into consideration some other things like pipes, plumbing, electricity, and even heating systems.

    On some occasions, we may even use metal re-bars to strengthen the foundation. This is especially so if you want a home or building that has a basement.

    Summary: Foundation Contractor in Wollongong

    These services are basic ones only—there are many more that you can expect from a foundation contractor. If there is a service you need that we did not mention here, please give us a call so we can help you.

    We can also give you a price quote for our services now. Just fill out our contact form and give us the details of your project. One of our engineers will assess the details and respond to you shortly.

    Better yet, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with us so we can see your construction site. This will allow our engineers to see a better picture of what we need to do and how we can help you.