Highly Experienced Gabion Wall Builder In Ballarat

Ballarat Gabion Wall Builder

Ballarat Gabion Wall Builder

    Upgrade your yard or garden with Australian Construction gabion retaining walls. We specialise in wall design, building and installation. Our gabion wall builder in Ballarat has vast experience in the field. Because of this, we offer superior customer service. We are committed to our work. Hence we are popular in the local landscaping sector.

    You can depend on our team’s entire experience and results. Because of this, we offer durable services and products. Please speak to us today to get more information about our services. Our expert team members will be pleased to discuss your project. 

    Gabion baskets

    You can use mesh gabions for different features in your garden, for instance:

    • Garden walls
    • Seating
    • Landscape features
    • Erosion control
    • Retaining structures
    • Sound walls

    Our gabion wall builder in Ballarat has gabion kits together with all essential accessories. Because of this, we offer a professional-looking landscape. Our expert team effortlessly combines them with expansion kits and they join multiple structures. Additionally, we have various infill rock options.

    Gabion fence, wall and basket

    Advantages of using them

    You may like landscaping or gardening. In that case, you have probably seen gabion fences, baskets or walls. Gabion has existed for a long time. We use them to construct sealed solid structures. 

    Or perhaps you’ve heard of them before while researching your options. However, you might not be thoroughly familiar with what they are. Today we mainly use them for structural and aesthetic reasons in many gardens.

    Gabion walls

    Usually, gabion structures are regarded as entire gabion walls. Gabion is derived from the Italian term for ‘big cage.’ It is a befitting name for them. They are a combination of wire and rocks and are naturally simple. We erect a wire cage and fill it with stones piled together.

    At times our gabion wall builder in Ballarat replaces the rocks with different materials. For example, we use broken bricks and pebbles. Additionally, we use tiles and pinecones. We use other materials depending on the wire thickness. A thinner mesh may be essential to prevent small materials like pebbles from falling through.

    Gabion walls have impressive integrity. Besides, they can resist maximum pressure. More importantly, they have a natural and rustic look. Because of this, they are an attractive element in many gardens. Additionally, they are a practical option.

    Gabion baskets

    Gabion baskets are wire meshes we use to hold the material that builds the wall. Australian Construction takes care to pick the proper baskets. Therefore, they match the material that the wall is created from. We often use galvanised steel to create the wire. However, we have different options also. 

    For lighter materials, we use a wide-spaced light welded mesh. However, we use sheet steel wire mesh when using heavy materials. We also use this wire mesh when building a retaining wall. Moreover, we use a heavier wire diameter. 

    As a result, it ensures the wall’s structural integrity. It is easy to assemble gabion baskets, and they are long-lasting. Australian Construction coats them with Galfan. For this reason, they remain secure and robust for years. Apart from this, they are flexible as well. We present them in various sizes and shapes. Together with simple flat gabion walls, we offer curved cages for a more rounded garden’s appearance.


    We have a wide range of gabion products that suit walls of all sizes. For example, they are best for retaining walls and garden edge. The expert installers at Australian Construction install these walls for you. Our experienced staff helps you choose the ideal product that suits your design needs and personal style.

      Get in touch with us for the ideal gabion services in Ballarat.