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Bendigo Gabion Wall Builder

Bendigo Gabion Wall Builder

    Australian Construction mainly deals in wall construction. We are well equipped and have high experience in construction services. Our gabion wall builder in Bendigo provides a range of quality wall systems. Moreover, our products adhere to Australian standards. Additionally, our services follow system owner specifications. 

    Our team delivers the work safely and efficiently. Australian Construction is committed to offering ideal services and products to its clients. After all, our top priority is superior construction. Therefore, we work hard to deliver on this priority. We have vast experience in constructing a retaining wall. Additionally, we offer paving applications. We have handled major retaining wall projects in Bendigo.

    Gabions & Rock Mattress structures

    Our gabions and rock mattress constructions have been popular in Australia for years. The gabion wall builder in Bendigo mainly creates these structures by weaving wire of different diameter into the mesh. After this, we build it into separate sized box cages. 

    Thereafter, we fill them using stone. Hence they create dry land structures. For example, we build retaining walls. We construct them in wetland buildings like riverbank or weirs linings. The wire we used previously was heavily galvanised. Because of this, it extruded to the central wire. 

    We supply all units in folded flat to the site. Our team fabricates these units to size. Then they join the units together. Therefore, they create the needed structure. After this, they fill using proper stone and complete the unit close. As a result, they build a strong structure. 

    Gabions are best for use in retaining structures with hostile foundation conditions. Moreover, they are flexible. Given this, they accommodate optimal ground movement without significant failure. We use rock mattress as an alternative to replacing outdated structures with rock armour treatments. So it protects against scour and erosion.

    Compressing rock inside a mesh layer increases the capacity of the stone. Given this, it offers more protection against possible scour. It also protects against erosive forces that water generates. Our gabion wall builder in Bendigo is highly skilled in designing and constructing these products. Because of this, we offer engineering suggestions, design and building certification. Our professional team works skillfully from the start of the project to the end. 


    We encourage the utilisation of gabions for retaining walls. It is especially advisable where foundation conditions present issues. Rock Mattress offers a convenient replacement choice and is ideal for big diameter rock armour projects. Gabions and rock mattress are flexible. Therefore they do not need foundation treatments before Construction.

    The gabion wall builder in Bendigo fills Rock Mattress and gabions with stone on site. The design determines how we join different units creating a solid mass. Our team has comprehensive instructions on how to build these products. 

    So they construct them properly, especially regarding lacing and filling methods. We are highly experienced in these methods. Moreover, we have the essential labour and plant. Given this, we complete all projects successfully using these products. 


    In gabion and mattress work, there are performance and design problems sometimes. For this reason, it is crucial to choose a suitable coating carefully. Doing this prevents project failure. In wetland structures, our team chooses more protection of PVC extruded to the wire instead of using an uncoated wire. It does not matter whether the primary wire might be heavily galvanised. Likewise, it is crucial to choose geotextiles or filter layers correctly in all the structures. It is especially vital when these structures are prone to hydraulic forces. 


    Australian Construction builds gabion baskets using galvanised steel. These structures provide a stylish and unique look for any property or home. Gabion retaining walls are an effective solution to sloping areas where drainage is essential. We customise any gabion retaining wall to suit your land contours or specific needs.

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