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Professional Gabion Wall Builder In Brisbane

    Gabion walls are the best option for controlling river erosion and coastal management because the rise of sea levels increases coastal communities’ risk. Our gabion wall builder in Brisbane has successfully installed gabions for commercial, industrial and residential projects.

    At Australian Construction, we use the PoliMac coated wire mesh to build Gabion walls which is among the few construction materials that withstand very corrosive marine surroundings.

    Gabion walls have added benefit over outdated construction materials like concrete because they are solid, preventing them from being washed away.

    Gabions are flexible and permeable enough to adapt to ground movement and they slow and dissipate the water flow.

    Rock walls

    For any landscaping project, gabion presents the best garden walls. They are beneficial because they are simple to build and look fabulous. We use various materials and rocks to make a gabion wall exceptional.

    It is helpful to break up sections of the park or garden into separate areas. Our competent team can build a low wall (1m or less) to coil around a seating area, for instance. It is also excellent for acoustic walls when we use sound absorption materials within the wall with rocks on the exterior.

    Retaining walls

    Traditionally, we have used gabion for retaining walls because it is more affordable compared to modern methods. We build them as mass gravity walls that depend on the rock’s weight for earth retention or as mechanically stabilised walls that use earth anchors or geo-grids to make the wall stable.

    Columns and cladding

    The Australian Construction architectural gabions are ideal for cladding on an unattractive concrete column and façade. We can build them to a 200mm depth. Usually, it is built at the front of hex mesh or woven gabion, which is affordable but unattractive.

    When our gabion wall builder in Brisbane builds an architectural gabion entrance in front of a saggy woven wall, it can save you costs and give you a lovely looking building or wall.

    Retaining walls

    Our gabion baskets reinforce driveways and landscape your property, giving you beautiful retaining walls. We construct them quickly and fill them with the stone you prefer.

    It ensures that the retaining wall block systems suit your premises or home and gives you a sturdy and long lasting support structure.

    When you use our gabion baskets for your retaining walls, you enjoy these benefits:

    • The retaining wall is ‘dry’, which means they lack mortar and are remarkably well-draining (water does not accumulate).
    • They can stabilise a slope effectively and manage erosion on your facilities.
    • We create rectangle wire baskets on-site and present them in a flat pack. 
    • Various custom and standard made sizes are accessible to accommodate all sizes and shapes of projects.
    • It is appropriate for commercial and residential use; our expert gabion builder contractor has worked on train stations and backyard patios retaining walls.
    • Whether you grow plants on them or not, they last very long.
    • Steel mesh is robust and can sustain all conditions.
    • You can choose any stones to fill the baskets depending on the price, colour and availability.

    Garden retaining wall blocks advantages.

    • Cost of installation: It will surprise you to know that our gabion retaining walls are not costly. Check our pricing guide to get more details.
    • Does not need extensive digging: when our team is building a gabion retaining wall, broad digging for footings is not necessary, unlike mortared brick or poured concrete alternatives. Post holes are also not needed, unlike where sleeper constructions are concerned.
    • Mortar is not a requirement: All we need to do is fill the basket with the retaining wall stones you want and rearrange them until all of them sit snugly. Mortaring them into place is not necessary as the gravity and basket will do it for you.
    • Saves time: Because we do not need to dig deeply or wait for the mortar setting, it signifies we can finish constructing a retaining wall reasonably fast. 
    • Flexible designs:  We provide different-sized baskets that provide a comprehensive variety of natural stone available, which signifies that you are flexible in the general appearance and design of the retaining wall. 
    • Highly durable: The Australian Construction gabion baskets can sustain settlement and movement without experiencing cracks and other destruction, making it different from materials for poured concrete retaining wall, which do not withstand movement.
    • Decay resistant: Natural stone retaining wall blocks differs from timber walls because they are not prone to rotting and other kinds of decay. Also, they are not vulnerable to termites, white ants and other borers.
    • Different heights: We can construct rock cage retaining walls to the height your project needs. All we do is pile the baskets on top of the other until we reach the desired height.

    Casual seating gabion baskets

    Gabion seating complements existing walls all over your property, forming a cohesive finish. This same structure works for outdoor furniture, garden edging or retaining wall.

    We create rectangle wire baskets on-site, and the result is a flat pack. The gabion wall builder contractor has various custom and standard made sizes to cater for projects, whatever the shape or size.

    It is appropriate for commercial and residential use. Gabion seating is the perfect solution for a public area or restaurant featuring an alfresco space. They are very durable, and you can use timber topped seats all year or remove cushions when the weather condition is bad.

    Steel mesh is strong and can withstand all conditions. You can choose any stones for filling the baskets depending on price, colour and availability.

    Gabion bench seating

    The gabion wall builder contractor’s bench seats are tailor made gabions. We construct them using welded mesh and fill them with a rock. You can use the benches as a retaining wall and practical and innovative seating in a garden or park. We design them to suit a particular space, for instance, to fit a corner in either curved or straight form. 

    We add seating on top of the baskets created from timber slats or slabs, wood plastic composite (recycled). Usually, the rocks are hand faced, and we utilise locally-sourced bluestone or sandstone.


    Our experienced team at Australian Construction have installed casual seating gabion baskets and gabion bench seating in residential gardens, schools and playgrounds in Brisbane. Our seats are durable, affordable and give you unique landscaping concepts. 

    Call us today, and it will be our pleasure to provide you with attractive and durable solutions for your gabion requirements!