Affordable Gabion Wall Builder In Bunbury From Aus Construction

Bunbury Gabion Wall Builder

Bunbury Gabion Wall Builder

    At Australian Construction, we have top quality resources. Also, we have skilled personnel. Therefore our gabion wall builder in Bunbury constructs various superior retaining walls. We meet any business or home requirements.

    We have years of experience in constructing retaining walls. Moreover, we have worked with all kinds of clients throughout Bunbury. Not only do we handle beautiful garden features but also large scale reinforced walls. Our team consists of fully trained civil engineers. We also have site managers and project managers. Because of this, we work on all projects from design to building. 

    Gabion walls

    You may want to build a new structure. Or perhaps you wish to refurbish existing structures. Under these circumstances, it is crucial to select the proper gabion retaining wall. There are several reasons for this:

    • First, a retaining wall differs from a standard wall. Rather, it is a series of walls and ladders or steps. We use them to retain the soil and water. 
    • Moreover, we utilise them to retain other building components. Australian Construction builds retaining walls for different purposes. As a landowner, you can utilise a retaining wall to decrease the danger of flooding. Drain covers and storm drains lead to this flooding.
    • Additionally, we use them to make a property more spacious. For example, we create more space for an area like a basement or addition. Likewise, it gives the impression of extra space or function.
    • We sometimes use gabion walls as retaining wall systems. Under these circumstances, they work to hold the soil. They help in enhancing soil stability. In addition, they improve water permeation into the foundation area. Given this, it reduces the expense of pumping groundwater from a foundation. Therefore it prevents erosion.

    Building gabion retaining walls

    The gabion wall builder in Bunbury provides a concrete retaining wall system. It uses two types of concrete. Thereby it creates a retaining wall system. We engineer these kinds of concrete to resist water pressure. Our professional team engineers the first type using maximum hydraulic strength. 

    For this reason, it offers the most robust kind of concrete. For the second kind of concrete we use in retaining wall systems, we utilise less hydraulic power. Given this, it offers more flexibility. So it withstands different flow rates and pressure.

    When we are installing a gabion wall system, we use special cement. This cement creates the wall panel. Moreover, it forms the soil retaining wall. We pour the concrete straight into the wall holes. After that, we use asphalt or gravel to fill. Our team also applies a layer of mulch after the gravel and concrete have set. After this, we add the soil retaining wall to the wall. Lastly, we connect the wall to the retaining wall system.

    Benefits of gabion walls

    The wall system is not a concrete wall. For this reason, there is maximum flexibility in building it and installing it. This flexibility enables us to create the retaining wall system in various ways. For instance, we construct these systems by hand in a traditional construction project. Here, we use heavy equipment. We use Cranes, excavators, trucks and trailers as well.  

    Your home or building code may need to construct a retaining wall with a concrete base. In that case, we use a specially designed kind of concrete. To ensure the correct construction of your retaining wall, call us today, and we will discuss the grade of concrete appropriate for you. Our company uses gabion concrete in various circumstances. For instance, we use them in retaining wall systems. This concrete is durable. Consequently, it withstands different weather conditions.


    Our gabion wall builder in Bunbury visits your business or home. We analyse your exact requirements. Our skilled team offers suggestions regarding materials and designs. For bigger retaining walls, our experienced civil engineers ensure they build all projects to quality standards. Moreover, we comply with all health and safety rules.

    Talk to us today for ideal gabion wall services in Bunbury.