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Bundaberg Gabion Wall Builder

Bundaberg Gabion Wall Builder

    At Australian Construction, we offer superior gabion products. Also, we supply gabion mesh and sacks as well as gabion cages. Our gabion wall builder in Bundaberg also provides Reno mattresses. Besides, we offer welded gabions hence producing gabion solutions.

    We manufacture gabion baskets using hexagonal oven steel wire mesh (double twisted).  Alternatively, we offer welded wire mesh. For this, we use a wire machine. Our expert team then fills the basket with stones on site. As a result, we create absorbent structures. They are also flexible and monolithic. We use PVC wire to manufacture gabion. Alternatively, we use Galfan steel wire (soft temper).

    Specifics of gabion baskets

    The gabion builder in Bundaberg installs gabion baskets easily. Furthermore, we do not need unique technology. Gabion is corrosion resistant and affordable. Moreover, it blends well with the natural surrounding.

    Mainly we use our gabion baskets for foundation pit and slope support. Also, we use them for green slope vegetation. Additionally, we use them to create cages mat. They are used for dams and rivers as well. Our gabions also protect against erosion in sea wall and reservoirs. Besides they stop erosion in rivers closure cages. 

    Gabion walls and gabion basket

    Gabion retaining walls are beneficial. It is prevalent in erosion and landslides areas. Therefore it is the best option among our range. The Australian Construction gabion basket wall presents many benefits. We mainly build this retaining wall on mountain edges. It is highly resistant to rock falls as well.

    We create these walls to stop rocks from falling suddenly on passing vehicles. Moreover, they are effective in avoiding numerous accidents. The gabion wall builder in Bundaberg uses gabion walls in different areas like:

    Gabion is an important area where we use retaining walls. Our competent team creates gabion wall shape in the form of wire cages. It works as a retaining wall. It is mainly because we apply it to natural disasters. Moreover, many times we use it among security applications.

    Gabion wall features

    We use the gabion retaining wall as a precaution for most disasters. In other words, the gabion wall has numerous superior qualities. They are:

    • The gabion wall builder in Bundaberg uses stainless steel wires for the gabion walls.
    • We weld the gabion wires. For this reason, they are incredibly robust.
    • Our gabion walls have low labour cost.
    • Various sizes of gabion wire mesh are accessible on request.
    • We offer economically viable gabion walls. As a result, they are popular.
    • The Australian Construction team constructs gabion retaining walls fast.
    • Gabion retaining walls are lovely. So they enhance the environment.

    Reinforced Gabion

    We provide reinforced gabion (heavy hexagonal reinforced). When twisted, it includes a matching reinforced steel wire. Our gabion wall builder in Bundaberg mainly applies reinforced gabion to the roadbed. Because of this, it absorbs tensile stress. Furthermore, it decreases the crack rate that traffic causes.

    We apply reinforced gabion to underground structures. Also, we use them as gabion wall. We establish them as stepped or upright wall. These walls have excellent flexibility. The walls are naturally porous and help groundwater discharge. Because of this, it ensures long-term construction stability.


    At Australian Construction, we have successfully produced gabion products. We have years of experience. Because of this, we specialise in creating gabion retaining walls. We manufacture gabions and assemble them. Therefore we meet the needs of protecting the surrounding. 

    We have used our hexagonal wire mesh gabions (double twisted) in numerous civil works. For example, we have utilised them in channel lining and slope protection. Additionally, we have applied them in pavement protection. Call us today for more information about our gabion retaining walls and other products.  

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