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Cairns Gabion Wall Builder

Cairns Gabion Wall Builder

    Do you want to build top quality retaining walls in Cairns? In that case, you need a firm like Australian Construction. We have the experience and equipment. Because of this, our gabion wall builder in Cairns can construct a retaining wall fast and efficiently. You need a landscaper who follows the correct procedure when building your gabion retaining wall.

    Given this, our team follows the proper steps in constructing a retaining wall. We ensure we establish the appropriate drainage and backfills. Consequently, the retaining wall lasts. Our company gives you honest advice and follows your ideas. Additionally, we use the best building material. 

    All through the entire procedure, our team is friendly and professional. Australian Construction has the essential machinery and team. For this reason, we build all types of gabion retaining walls.

    Features of a gabion retaining wall

    Gabion is a derivative of the Italian ‘gabbione.’ It signifies a big cage, which is what a gabion retaining wall is.  It has wire mesh ‘cages.’ They hold the stones and rocks in place. Do you want to stabilise a slope? Or do you wish to control erosion on your premises? 

    Under those circumstances, a gabion retaining wall is your solution. Our gabion wall builder in Cairns provides retaining walls to reduce a slope’s pitch. Moreover, they enhance an area’s appearance, and we can use them to create a planter bed. Also, we use them to build casual seating or a water feature.  We have various colour stones. Furthermore, we can tailor it to match your backyard’s different design elements. 

    Advantages of a gabion retaining wall

    A gabion retaining wall is ideal because of several factors. Some of them are:

    • Australian Construction designs them for projects of any size.
    • They control erosion efficiently.
    • Our gabion walls are long-lasting and durable.
    • You can use the gabion walls for different applications—for example, seating, garden beds and feature walls.

    Mass gravity gabion retaining wall

    For a long time, gabions have been a construction method for retaining structures. Not only are these gabions economical but also environmentally friendly solutions. The gabion wall builder in Cairns designs them as Mass Gravity Gabion Retaining Walls. These structures are flexible. Our designs depend on the gabions’ mass. As a result, they provide stability. Due to this, they withstand the pressure of the ground load. 

    We build the gabion baskets from welded mesh. Alternatively, we use woven mesh. The individual project needs to determine the choice. In designing the retaining structure, our team uses similar principles for welded and woven mesh gabions. There are areas where walls are subject to likely settlement. In this case, woven mesh gabions are more flexible. 

    For this reason, they are more suitable for these circumstances. You may need superior quality appeal. In that case, welded mesh gabions are the ideal choice. Therefore, the gabion wall builder in Cairns ensures the mesh wire combinations are right.

    Welded mesh gabions

    We manufacture welded mesh (bi-axial) gabions from a square mesh. Mainly it has an opening size of 75.0mm x 75.0mm. Here, we weld the longitudinal wires to the cross wires at their intersection areas. This kind of fabric manufacture creates a dimensionally strong mesh. 

    The gabion wall builder in Cairns produces this mesh in standard sheets. After this, we cut them into the panel sizes needed. Also, they are partly factory-connected, creating a flat pack unit. We provide welded mesh gabions in different wire diameters. Hence, they suit the application. Or we can manufacture them in a blend of mesh-were specifications.


    At Australian Construction, we are specialists. We provide services for retaining wall, erosion control and garden. Furthermore, we offer architectural services.  Our company boasts of product knowledge and engineering experience. Because of this, we have completed many projects successfully.

      Get in touch with us today for all your gabion building requirements.