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Canberra Gabion Wall Builder

Canberra Gabion Wall Builder

    At Australian Construction, we are professionals in Gabion installation. We work on small and large projects. In particular, we work on commercial projects. We undertake civil and domestic work as well. Our gabion wall builder in Canberra only installs quality products. For example, we offer products like Gabion baskets, Geotextiles and Reno Mattresses.

    We mainly use gabions for drainage and water management. In addition, we use it for soil stabilisation. The Australian Construction installers are highly trained. Furthermore, they comply with the Maccaferri gabion installation guidelines. Because of this, we ensure the consistent, exceptional quality of the final product. 

    Globally gabions are an effective and environmentally friendly solution. They help in areas where soil and erosion stabilisation is a problem. Moreover, gabions are the best noise-insulating products. For this reason, they are popular in high traffic areas. Therefore they are a very effective sound barrier. 

    Australian Construction Gabion Walls

    The gabion wall systems vary from 300mm to 2m. Our gabion wall builder in Canberra has a specialised technique for all gabion needs. Furthermore, we have constructed gabion walls successfully for clients. We have primarily provided gabion solutions to areas prone to severe annual rainfall conditions.

    The walls feature solid, weighty, knitted wire cages. Our team positions them on site then fills them with rock. Mainly we arrange the cages using a similar pattern to a standard block wall. We then fasten it in to provide a solid and robust retaining structure. For this reason, the design withstands dense ground moisture.

    These gabion structures are particularly effective around watercourses as well as riverbanks. More importantly, they are flexible. In addition, they shed moisture while responding to surface movement. Given this, they facilitate their stability. Different solid wall retaining systems might be ineffective. 

    Gabion walls are flexible and straightforward. Due to this, they are best for curved or uneven retaining needs. We build the wire cages between 300mm to 2 m or more. Our team tailors the rocks to the specific requirements.

    Rock walls

    For any landscaping work, Gabion is ideal for garden walls. Not only are they simple to construct, but they also look great. The gabion wall builder in Canberra uses various materials and rocks. As a result, we create unique gabion walls. 

    They help break up areas of park or garden into separate areas. For instance, for a low 1 m or less wall, we build it to coil around a seating area. It is also excellent for acoustic walls. Here, we use sound absorption materials inside the wall with rocks on the exterior.

    Retaining walls

    Comparatively, the gabion is more affordable than conventional methods. Because of this we usually use it for retaining walls. We build them as mass gravity walls relying on the rock’s weight to maintain the earth. Alternatively, we turn them into mechanically stabilised walls. Here, we use earth anchors or geogrids to stabilise the wall. 

    Cladding & columns

    Architectural gabions are ideal for cladding unattractive concrete column or façade. We build them at only 200mm deep.  Mainly we use it in front of woven hex mesh gabion.  We create an architectural gabion façade in front of a shapeless woven wall. It saves you money, and you get a great looking wall or building.

    Noise walls

    Gabion walls are the best solution for areas that experience excessive noise. The gabion wall works as a noise barrier. Moreover, it significantly reduces industrial and traffic noise.  The gabion wall builder in Canberra builds them as cladding or on an existing exterior or interior wall. 


    Australian Construction has the expertise, capability and experience. Because of this, we work on all sized projects. We have the right professional team. Also, we use the newest equipment. Because of this, we complete your gabion construction on budget and on time. 

      Call us today for quality and robust gabion walls to last you for years!