Most Trusted Gabion Wall Builder In Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Gabion Wall Builder

Coffs Harbour Gabion Wall Builder

    Australian Construction is an expert and top manufacturer of gabions. Our vast range includes gabion baskets, woven or twisted gabion. The gabion wall builder in Coffs Harbour also provides mattress and welded gabion. We use these products extensively in river training and civil engineering.

    Besides, we use them in soil erosion control and embankment reinforcement. Our company provides these services to commercial and residential areas. For years our firm has been producing gabions. We use PVC coating and thick zinc coating. Moreover, we use top quality stainless steel. Because of this, our gabions are durable. Hence, they serve you for an extended period.

    Through the years, we have been creating new models. So we satisfy different applications. Talk to us today for more information about our products.

    What is gabion?

    Gabion describes a welded wire box or cage. We fill it with materials 

    like soil or sand. Alternatively, we fill it with stone or concrete. Therefore, the gabion is partly flexible block construction. Our gabion wall builder in Coffs Harbour uses it for erosion protection. 

    Additionally, we use it for slope stability in construction. We build different types of gabions and use them in various engineering constructions. At times our team places live rooting branches between the baskets full of rock. As a result, it improves the gabion’s stability and durability.

    Types of gabions

    Australian Construction offers different gabion configurations. Selecting them depends on their purpose and price.  We have these common kinds of gabion:

    1.  Gabion baskets

    • These consist of a net wire mesh we produce in box shapes. They come in different sizes.
    • Gabion baskets are used in railway works and highways.
    • Filling materials are accessible from quarries near the project site. Therefore it is economical. 

    2.       Gabion mattresses

    • Another name for gabion mattresses is Reno mattresses.
    • Comparatively, gabion mattresses height is not high as other types of measurements. 
    • We apply it in the channel coating to prevent erosion. Because of this, it counters wave and erosion and generated velocity.

    3.       Gabion sack

    • The gabion wall builder in Coffs Harbour creates this type of gabions fast.  
    • We usually utilise gabion sacks in hydraulic jobs where there is an emergency.

    4.       Gabion wire mesh

    • You can use this type of gabion to prevent stones and rock from falling on railway surfaces and highway.
    • The gabion wire mesh helps the slope maintain stability close to railways and highway.
    • Australian Construction applies it for anti-erosion to the slope.

    Gabions application

    The gabion wall builder in Coffs Harbour uses gabions in different engineering projects. Therefore the gabions serve several purposes like:

    • Retaining structures like retaining walls and cuttings. Also, we use them as embankments and toe walls.
    • Corrosion prevention structures, for example, sea walls. Besides, we use them for canal banks, riverbank defenses and groynes. Moreover, we utilise them in dams and weirs and to protect lakesides and reservoirs.
    • We use cylindrical metal gabion in foundation construction or dams. 
    • Our team employs it as a noise barrier.
    • Also, we use gabions as temporary floodwalls.
    • Australian Construction uses gabions to change the course of the floodwater near weak structure. 
    • Our stepped gabions enhance channels energy dissipation.
    • Lastly, we use it for beautification purposes.

    Benefits of gabions

    Gabion’s wire has a well-bonded zinc coating hence heavily resistant to atmospheric corrosion. Additionally, it can support vegetation growth. Because gabion is flexible, it settles and deforms without losing efficiency or failing. It especially helps when the ground is unstable or where there is moving water. 


    Australian Construction is highly experienced in gabion wall systems. More importantly, we serve all kinds of terrain. Our gabions are ideal for slope stabilisation, soil nailing and rockfall protection. Moreover, we provide major retaining wall systems. Likewise, we handle complicated access drilling and stabilisation.

      Talk to our qualified team today. We will be happy to help you with gabion walls!