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The Best Gabion Wall Building Services In Darwin

    Our gabion wall builder in Darwin has successfully built gabion walls for customers on many occasions, especially in local areas normally prone to extreme yearly rainfall conditions.

    At Australian Construction, we have gabion wall systems ranging from 300mm to 2m. We provide a specialised method for all your gabion needs. Gabion wall systems have been utilised for years.

    The walls have very sturdy heavy woven wire cages that we position on-site and fill with rock. We mainly assemble the cages in the same pattern as a regular block wall and tie it in, giving you a stable and strong retaining structure that can withstand heavy ground moisture. 

    What does gabion mean?

    Gabion describes a modular containment system that allows us to use stone, non-degradable inert and rock materials to build. We form the units (cages)modules from wire mesh fabric panels and join them to create rectangular, trapezoidal and square shaped units.

    These unit’s parts are pre-assembled in the factory, creating a flat-pack system. We supply them to the customer and form them into the final shaped product on-site using the essential helical, or ‘C’ rings and lacing wire as required. Every model is linked to adjacent modules, forming a monolithic structure.

    The kinds of mesh we use are non-ravelling, for instance, hexagonal woven wire mesh or welded wire mesh, and we provide corrosion protection to match the exposure conditions you need. Mainly, we machine-fill the gabions in layers, and our qualified team picks the stone over by hand to decrease excessive voids.

    We can hand-place the exposed faces to provide the look of a dry stone wall. Machine filling is not a procedure we recommend because it may trigger a high void content, leading to deformation. The installation quality is crucial for gabion structures to work effectively.


    At Australian Construction, we have various installation teams working all over the country. We give our customers an installation service, that is, plant and labour, to support our current product supply and technical support.

    We work closely with the appointed main contractor or ground worker. This service can include supplying all the needed aggregates, laying the foundation, constructing the wall and backfilling to suit the approved design. 

    Our detailed and clear quotations give our clients a good understanding of exactly what we offer. It reduces uncertainty from the beginning and ensures we build the project on budget.

    Our priority is health and safety, and we have an expanding list of big multi-national contractors and small developers who utilise our installation services repeatedly.

    Kinds of gabion

    Our gabion wall builder in Darwin has various gabion configurations you can choose depending on their function and cost. We mainly provide these types of gabions:

    Gabion baskets

    • It presents an available wire mesh that is box-shaped and has different sizes.
    • We use it in railway and highway projects.
    • It is affordable unless the filling materials are not accessible from quarries close to the project site.

     Gabion mattresses (reno mattresses)

    • The gabion mattresses are not as high as other kinds of measurements.
    • We employ it in the channel coating that prevents erosion. Therefore, it handles erosion and wave triggered by velocity.
    • The main size we provide is 6m long by 2m wide and 0,3m high.

    Gabion sacks

    • Our qualified team builds this kind of gabion quickly.
    • It features a flexible and porous structure.
    • We mainly use our gabion sacks in emergencies for hydraulic projects.

    Gabion wire mesh

    • We use it to prevent the likely stone and rock fall on the railway and highway surfaces. 
    • Gabion wire mesh sustains the slope’s stability when the slope is near railways and the highway. 
    • We apply it for slope anti-erosion.
    • It improves embankment soil strength together with geo-grid reinforcement. 

    5.  Decorative gabion elements

    • The gabion wall builder contractor uses this gabion for outdoor and indoor decoration, landscaping and garden design.
    • Gabion elements provide the appropriate surrounding for plant roots growth. 

    6.  Vertical gardens with gabion baskets

    • A vertical garden is the ideal choice for apartments, townhouses and units if your courtyard is small.
    • After we install this system, the plants’ dependency on watering reduces.
    • We create rectangle wire baskets on-site and they arrive in a flat pack.
    • We have custom made and standard sizes to accommodate all types of projects.
    • It is best for commercial and residential use.

    Gabions applications

    We use gabions in numerous engineering projects, and they serve different purposes. The main gabions applications are:

    • Retaining structures like retaining walls, toe and revetment walls to cuttings and embankments.
    • Corrosion prevention structures like dams, canal banks, river bank defences, sea walls and groynes for protecting lake-sides and reservoirs.
    • We employ it as a noise barricade.
    • Australian Construction uses the cylindrical metal gabion in foundation construction or dams.
    • We utilise gabions as a temporary flood wall also.
    • We use it to change the flood water force direction around unstable structures.
    • Stepped gabions enhance energy consumption in channels.
    • Lastly, we use it for aesthetic purposes.

    Benefits of gabions

    Durability:  Gabion is extremely resistant to atmospheric corrosion due to the wire’s well-bonded zinc coating and its capability of supporting vegetation development.

    Flexibility: This feature enables the gabion to relax and de-worm without loss of efficiency and failure. It mainly applies when the ground is unstable, and there is moving water.

    Permeability:  It offers easy and automatic drainage, eliminating the necessity of drainage pipes installation.

    Strength: gabions are sufficiently strong and can resist torrential force, flood force, earth, and ice pressure.

    Economical: It is more affordable where labour and material are concerned than other gabion options.

    Environmentally friendly: You can place recycled materials inside the gabion cage. The spaces in the soil between filling materials enable the plantation to develop with time. Natural phenomena do not affect gabion elements.


    The gabions we provide at Australian Construction are particularly effective near watercourses and riverbanks because they are flexible and can shed moisture while reacting to ground movement.

    It ensures that they remain stable where different solid wall retaining systems may fail. Call the team today and speak with our gabion wall builder in Darwin for all enquiries and questions

    We guarantee you the ideal gabion building services in Darwin, so call us today!