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Geelong Gabion Wall Builder

Geelong Gabion Wall Builder

    Australian Construction is a global leader in gabion services. We are experts in building, designing and supplying gabion baskets. Our gabion wall builder in Geelong creates gabions. We use double-coiled hexagonal woven steel wire mesh to create the gabions.

    Our company delivers the gabions flat packed. We then assemble them and fill them with stones at the project site. These modular units have numerous uses. For example, we use them to create flexible and monolithic buildings.

    These structures include channel linings and retaining walls. In addition, they have erosion protection and hydraulic control structures. We increasingly use them in architectural applications also.

    Gabion walls

    Retaining walls are strong structures. Moreover, we build them to support soil in place at varying levels on every side. Also, civil engineers mainly use retaining walls. The reason is they keep a vertical slope of soil from the road. Furthermore, people mainly use retaining walls to barricade various sections in their gardens. 

    Your retaining wall does not need to be plain. Australian Construction builds a gabion wall to make your garden more beautiful. Comparatively, gabion walls have a smaller footprint than conventional concrete walls. Therefore, using these walls is more beneficial for the surrounding. 

    Materials needed

    The gabion wall builder in Geelong creates a gabion by compiling a wire basket. Alternatively, we build a wire wall. Then we fill it with stones of different colours and sizes.


    Not all stones are appropriate for use in gabion walls and baskets. Australian Construction mainly uses decorative stones, gravel or pieces of rock. The most popular stones we use are quartzite, sandstone or granite.  They are available in various shapes. However, rectangular or rounded is ideal for filling the gabion. Quartzite, sandstone and granite are available in all sizes. Therefore, we can mix and match small and large stones. 

    We don’t need to fit the stones together perfectly. After all, space should be available to facilitate water and airflow. You may have leftover material from other house works. We fill gabion walls with these materials.

    If you have extra tiles after renovating your bathroom, we can use these tiles in your gabion. Moreover, Australian Construction can use bricks leftover from a project. Or we remove the materials from a previous garden or flowerbed.

    Gabion materials

    Most homeowners prefer filling gabions tiles. Or they like filling them with natural elements like pinecones. It is a beautiful way of reusing existing materials. It dramatically reduces the expense of constructing a gabion structure. Consider the material you intend to fill your gabion with. 

    The reason is different materials require different wire thicknesses. When we use pebbles or gravel, we need a thinner mesh. As a result of this, the stones do not slide out. The gabion wall builder in Geelong uses large stones at times. In this case, we utilise sheet steel wire mesh. The wire mesh features a thicker wire diameter. As a result, it keeps the wall structurally adequate.

    Gabion cages

    The kind of gabion cage you purchase depends on the type of wall you are constructing. You may want to build a retaining wall. In that case, we use a cage with thick wires. In this case, we fill them with big stones. For creating a taller fence, we use an excellent gabion basket. 

    Therefore we stack the layers on top of each other. Australian Construction provides various options for style baskets if you want your garden to have a decorative wall.


    At Australian Construction, we do not compromise our high standards. We adhere strictly to all our client’s needs. Moreover, we source only superior quality materials. We listen to our client’s needs and deliver the ideal solutions. More importantly, we do this in a friendly and affordable manner.

      So go through our products and services and call us for the best gabion services in Geelong!