Specialist Gabion Wall Builder In Gladstone From Aus Construction

Gladstone Gabion Wall Builder

Gladstone Gabion Wall Builder

    Australian Construction gabions are popular. The reason is they provide an efficient method of preventing soil erosion. Moreover, our gabion wall builder in Gladstone provides woven wire mesh baskets (rectangular). We fill them with rock creating permeable and flexible structures.

    For instance, we build retaining walls for mining projects. Also, we set them up for architectural works. Also, we build them for industrial and road works. Moreover, we use them for protection against erosion. Our gabion products also help in bank stabilisation. Furthermore, they present architectural design features.

    We use dual twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh. For this reason, the gabions are strong. These gabions can sustain earth pressures and stress. As a result, they conform to the site conditions easily.

    Gabion mattress

    Friendly to the surroundings and prevents soil erosion

    The gabion wall builder in Gladstone mostly uses gabion mattress on slopes or riverbeds. Additionally, we use it on river embankment and slopes. Similarly, we use it in different areas that experience water flow. Gabion mattress has optimal permeability. 

    Because of this, water spreads into the soil beneath it. Consequently, it offers a friendly environment. Plants develop on a mattress on the slopes and add aesthetic. Furthermore, they make the structure strong.

    Gabion building

    We choose landscaping materials for gabion cages depending on the purpose of the gabion. For practical and strong walls, our gabion wall builder in Gladstone uses broken bricks or rocks. We also utilise pebbles or old concrete from other works. But we can use gabion structures for artistic landscape purposes. Given this, Australian Construction can deliver whatever captures your imagination. 

    In residential use, our architects are very artistic. We use gabion fences to make them trendy. Similarly, we create artistic works of art and gabion fencing for your garden and yard. Our team fills gabion baskets with all kinds of durable material to create a retaining fence or wall.

    Furthermore, we use it in civil works application. We aim to control erosion and facilitate good drainage and soil retention. For DIY gabion fences for large structures, you need to consult our structural engineer or architect. The reason is if you install them improperly, the gabion fencing weight can be dangerous.

    For this reason, our team conducts thorough research before starting the project. Sometimes we use gabion baskets for practical reasons like security reinforcement. We also use them for shading, security and safety. In this case, we ensure that your installation is safe. Also, we make sure you have a practical application. 

    Remember that gabion fencing is not suitable for all purposes. For instance, it is not advisable to use gabion fencing to build a swimming pool barrier.  It would not give you the essential safety for a swimming pool fence.

    Gabion fencing materials

    The gabion builder in Gladstone uses relatively widespread light welded mesh. For a gabion retaining wall or another structure that needs strength, we use sheet steel wire mesh. It features a heavier wire diameter.

    We use the stone of your choice. However, there are some points you should consider. For example, when planning your project, think of the height.  Also, consider your needs and any building limitations in your town or home. 

    Before beginning your project you need to consider any amenities or services you might wish to include in your plan. For instance, you may wish to add lighting or a water feature. In this case, plan for appropriate areas for the plumbing and wiring within the fence. 


    Australian Construction has years of experience in the gabion industry. Because of this, we provide quality products. Also, they are long lasting and will serve you in the long term. Our experienced team endeavours to meet your requirements. 

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