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Professional Gabion Wall Builder On The Gold Coast

    At Australian Construction, we are famous for delivering superior quality, timely, and on-budget gabion building projects. It motivates us to view each project as another chance to improve on this record. Our gabion wall builder on the Gold Coast has the resources, experience, drive, and capability to work for all types of industries.

    For all your gabion building projects, do not look further than Australian Construction Services!


    Our gabion basket is the ideal housing for an outdoor oven or fireplace.

    Utilising gabion baskets for fireplaces

    • These baskets can accommodate wood-burning ovens and fireplaces of all sizes. We place them at a comfortable height that you can enjoy.
    • The Australian Construction team creates the rectangle wire baskets on-site, and the result is a flat pack.
    • We have various custom and standard sizes to cater for projects of all sizes and shapes.
    • They are appropriate for commercial and residential use. Outdoor fireplaces present a favourite option for function and accommodation venues.
    • They are remarkably durable, even when they are subjected to scorching conditions.
    • Steel mesh is robust, and we design it to sustain weathering.
    • You can choose any stones to fill the basket depending on the colour you want.

    Utilising gabion baskets for feature walls

    • You can use gabion baskets indoors also, so please allow the gabion wall builder contractor to design your feature wall today!
    • It is a very appealing addition to any residence, from the contemporary and rustic, and cleaning is very easy.
    • Our gabion wall builder on the Gold Coast embeds seating, ovens and different features in them.
    • We create rectangular wire baskets on-site, and they are in a flat pack on arrival.
    • We have various custom and standard sizes to serve projects of all sizes and shapes.
    • It is appropriate for a commercial and residential look; the feature wall looks incredible in a function venue or lobby.
    • They are very durable and are resistant to overall wear and tear.
    • Steel mesh is remarkably sturdy, and we design it to endure all conditions.
    • You can choose any stone to fill the baskets depending on the colour, price and accessibility.

    Utilising gabion baskets for vegetable gardens

    • We mainly use it to elevate a vegetable garden to protect it from animals attack and give people with limited mobility easier access.
    • It drains well, and water does not accumulate, preventing the drowning of your veggies.
    • Our team creates the rectangle wire baskets onsite, and they arrive in a flat pack.
    • There are various custom and standard sizes suitable for small and big projects of all shapes.
    • It is appropriate for residential use, but we also use it commercially for community gardens, schools, etc.
    • Mesh and rocks do not form a barrier to growing vegetables.
    • Steel mesh is very sturdy, and we, the gabion wall builder contractor, designs it to withstand any condition.
    • You can pick any stones to fill the basket, depending on the colour you want, cost and accessibility.

    Why you should choose gabion baskets

    Gabion baskets have been used for landscaping for years, and at last, we are now using them for various residential and commercial applications; only your imagination can limit their use!

    We have used them for casual seating, vertical gardens, retaining walls, feature walls, veggie patches and more!

    Australian Construction is a superior gabion basket supplier, and we appreciate that they have many benefits:

    • Their appearance is aesthetically pleasing and suits the nearby environment because of the stone we use to fill them.
    • Our gabion baskets provide a permeable build that is not vulnerable to water and frost damage.
    • They are long-lasting and we ensure that the baskets we use for projects sustain weathering and time tests.
    • The gabion cages we provide give you optimal strength and flexibility, and they meet numerous applications needs.
    • We have various gabion sizes to pick from, and we guarantee you will get the ideal one for the application you want.

    It is accessible in various standard sizes.

    The best aspect of our baskets is that you can arrange them yourself! Our gabion wall builder on the Gold Coast arranges the bottom and top of matching ‘noodle’ joiners.

    Therefore, the only work you have is assembling them. After you finish arranging them, you just start filling the baskets with stone, and you are good to go!

    Why should you buy the gabion baskets from us?

    • Our 5mm steel wire range offers you more than 20% extra strength than the regular 4mm wire.
    • The mesh measuring 50mmx50mm provides over 20% more steel than the regular mesh of 50mmx75mm mainly available.
    • This integration leads to more substantial and possibly more durable gabion baskets.
    • We recommend the regular size high baskets of 500mm to enable clients to place rocks or stone without climbing in and working under challenging circumstances.
    • When we use spirals or joiners, it enables anyone to build the baskets. It is also around 25kg per basket when empty. It is not hard to move them into place. 
    • Spiral joining leads to high-quality bonding of baskets to each other than clipping each basket.
    • The gabion baskets we provide in Gold Coast are available in a flat-pack format, making it easy to transport them.

    Advantages of gabion retaining walls

    Gabion retaining walls prevent erosion and enhance your landscape’s appearance. We have many options for commercial and residential retaining walls use. These are some of the benefits:

    • Easy to construct: Our expert team quickly creates gabion walls on-site, and they pre-assemble and use a truck to bring them to the site. Installation is straightforward because their construction is straightforward.
    • They have a versatile fill: The gabion wall builder we have on the Gold Coast provides different looking gabion retaining walls. Each block has a rock compound that changes quickly. It gives the wall significant versatility, and you can choose sandstone, granite, quartz or a different type of stone. For a softer look, choose smaller stones. Pick more enormous stones to form a more defined space.


    From the above information, you will note that the Australian Construction gabion walls offer you many tremendous benefits that other kinds of retaining walls don’t.

    They have better drainage and also shift with the earth. Therefore, you do not need to be concerned about undesirable cracking in your newly constructed wall. 

    If you want to install a retaining wall on your property, you need to consider utilising a gabion style wall.  Our commercial and residential clients can enjoy the various advantages that this retaining wall style provides.

    It will be our pleasure to handle your gabion wall-building project on the Gold Coast today so call us now!