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Hervey Bay Gabion Wall Builder

Hervey Bay Gabion Wall Builder

    If you want gabion products, rely on Australian Construction today.  We are gabion specialists in Hervey Bay. Gabion is the best for retaining wall. Therefore our gabion wall builder in Hervey Bay uses it for residential and commercial applications. Gabion has unlimited uses. 

    Our competent team installs retaining wall stones easily. In view of this, we offer natural, simple and attractive gabion stone baskets. You can utilise them for casual seating and feature walls. Moreover, you can use them for vertical gardens and veggie patches.

    Gabion mattress

    Controls river erosion

    Gabion mattress features a flat structure. Comparatively, it is much lower than the gabion basket. Division plates divide the mattress into numerous tiny chambers. Before using, we fill every chamber with stones.

    Our gabion builder in Hervey Bay meets special orders. In that case, we provide a trapezoid, rectangle or triangle mattress. Gabion mattress protects soil embankment from erosion caused by flood damage or water flow. Also, Its flat structure is ideal for the area with a restricted height of gabion products.

    Benefits of gabion mattress:

    • Installing is easy and affordable
    • This mattress is environmentally friendly
    • It has perfect permeation.
    • The mattress is corrosive resistant to wet surroundings.
    • Applications
    • Landscape green area
    • River bed
    • Embankment and slope protection

    Hexagonal gabion

    Flexible & suits various applications

    We mostly refer to hexagonal gabion as woven gabion. It consists of PVC wire or galvanised wire. This wire is corrosion-resistant. Our experienced team twists into woven wire mesh in hexagon formed hole. Comparatively, the woven gabion is more versatile and flexible than welded gabion. 

    Usually, we use it as a protective netting for various surroundings. For example, we use it for retaining wall, embankment and retaining wall. Many times the wire diameter determines the main cause of a gabion failure. Wire featuring a diameter of 3.0mm to 4.5mm ensures long service life.

    Gabion sack

    Fights flood damage

    The Australian Construction team sews gabion sack by twisting hexagonal gabion into a circular and bag-like sack. Before using it is filled with stones. It is simple to transport and has a special shape. Furthermore, its permeation is excellent. As a result, it facilitates emergent protective projects and river training. Besides, we embed a steel wire. Therefore it simplifies tying the bag.

    Installing gabion sack

    1. Transporting to the site

    We sew the gabion sack into a section of hexagonal wire mesh into a larger shape. So we can transport rolls or pieces of hexagonal gabion to the site.

    2.  Preparing for foundation

    The foundation where we place the gabion bag should be flat. Also, it is suitable for wetland environment and a poor foundation. Depending on the project requirement, we use different sized stones.

    3.  Sewing the edges

    The gabion wall builder in Hervey Bay sews the two sides of the mesh to produce a bag. It forms a circular shape when full of stones. 

    2.  Placement

    We then carefully place the sack in the correct position.

    Versatile gabion baskets

    Offers long service

    Our gabion baskets are either in the form of a wire container or a big cage. We link sections of twisted or welded wire mesh into a rectangular shape. After this, we place the stones in the cage.  Our team installs the gabions on site. 

    We use gravel and stone. However, at times we use sand and soil for the gabion. Usually, we utilise stainless steel wire in gabion baskets. In addition, we use PVC-coated galvanised or galvanised. In view of this these materials do not rust in corrosive and damp environments. 

    Our gabion wall builder in Hervey Bay sets up gabion baskets in retaining walls and civil engineering. Moreover, we build them in commercial and residential areas. We install them in slope reinforcements also. Not only are gabion baskets affordable but also flexible. More importantly, they are durable.


    The team at Australian Construction is highly skilled. Because of this, they offer specialised gabion products to meet your needs. Furthermore, we provide durable services. We offer affordable gabion services in Hervey Bay.

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