Specialist Gabion Wall Builder In Launceston From Aus Construction

Launceston Gabion Wall Builder

Launceston Gabion Wall Builder

    Australian Construction provides different kinds of retaining walls. Our walls are very famous as they restrict unstable embankments.  We use concrete blocks and bricks. Additionally, we use wooden logs, tyres and stabilised soil, etc. Our gabion wall builder in Launceston specialises in designing gabion baskets. Furthermore, we use them for retaining walls.

    The application utilises our different sized baskets. We lay them together on a geotextile layer. Then we lace them together, forming a massive structure. Moreover, it is friendly to the environment. It mainly uses soil infill and local rock. Hence it facilitates vegetation growth. 

    Our qualified gabion wall builder in Launceston is qualified.  Because of this, we supply the essential materials. Moreover, we undertake the whole design and installation procedure for you. 

    Quality services

    The Australian Construction team is experienced and knowledgeable. Furthermore, we work fast and neatly. As a result, we adjust the outcome to meet or even surpass your requirements. We provide a comprehensive design and advisory service. Our team visits the site and carries out the complete technical design. They also undertake bill of quantity estimate, as well as the price for the project as needed.

    Gabion walls

    Our gabion walls are retaining walls we build by piling stone in a gabion cage or gabion basket. They have many uses. However, we use most of them to firm levelled or tiered ground in gardens. They are rectangular baskets featuring metallic lattice. These are full of stones that originated during the war period. At the time, they were erected to safeguard against artillery fire.

    From then, we have implemented them to control soil during levelling of a building site. Also, gabion walls act as erosion control near waterfronts. Often they also work as an acoustic screen for reducing sound along highways. Although it is not as appealing as a coniferous barricade, it is quicker. Gabion walls are appropriate for all kinds of terrain. They do not need any particular maintenance.

    Additionally, they offer stunning acoustic performance. Porous stones are best when using as soundproofing. Constructed walls are flexible. Therefore, they can move without cracking or breaking. For this reason, they are ideal for earthquake areas. Installing them is fast, and masonry is not necessary.

    The cavities consist of spaces of 25-35%. The gabion wall builder in Launceston fills them with soil. Hence it encourages plant development. Additionally, it works as a berm for flood defence.  Their appearance varies. It depends on the consistency and colour of the selected stones.

    Rock walls

    Gabion is the best garden wall for any landscaping work. Building them is easy, and they look lovely. A gabion wall can look unique when we use varied materials and rocks. Breaking spaces of park or garden into separate areas is helpful. 

    For instance, we can build a low wall of 1 metre or more to coil around a seating space. It is also remarkable for acoustic walls. Australian Construction uses sound absorption materials in the wall with stones on the exterior.

    Retaining walls

    Traditionally gabion has been utilised for retaining walls. It is because comparatively, it costs less than conventional methods. We build them as mass gravity walls. Here we rely on the rock’s weight to retain the earth. Alternatively, we use them as mechanically stabilised walls. They use earth anchors or geogrids to steady the wall.


    Australian Construction has facilitated ground stabilisation and earth retention. Moreover, we have enabled an erosion control field. We do this with expertise and products that cover various applications. Despite how complicated your project is, we provide reliable expertise and materials. We offer aesthetically pleasing products. More importantly, they are highly absorbent and affordable.

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