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Mackay Gabion Wall Builder

Mackay Gabion Wall Builder

    At Australian Construction, we appreciate the value of excellent customer service. Given this, our friendly team is ready to help you with all your gabion-building requirements. We have vast knowledge and experience.  Additionally, our gabion wall builder in Mackay works with leading global manufacturers. As a result, it enables us to purchase high-quality materials.

    We are proud to provide superior quality products. Consequently, they surpass life cycle expectations. Our company supports Australian manufacturers and designers across numerous product categories. We ensure we deliver materials to specification. Furthermore, our team is always on budget and on time.

    Whether you have a small or big design project, we deliver what you need. From concept to building, our professional team provides for your needs. 

    Gabion walls

    Utilising gabion walls is modern and efficient. It is also an environmentally friendly solution to stop erosion. More importantly, we use them mainly for strengthening and stabilising the following:

    • Embankments
    • Rivers
    • Slopes
    • Roads
    • Coastlines
    • Highways
    • Landslides and more

    Australian Construction builds them using a pair of winding hexagonal network. We also use a thick zinc coating. Our gabion walls are highly durable and resist earth pressure. Installing them is easy. They need minimal maintenance and are self-draining. Because of this, they are the best retaining walls solution.

    Benefits of a gabion wall in the garden

    A gabion wall presents numerous benefits:

    • A gabion wall offers efficient protection against noise.
    • We can use it as a windshield. As a result, it offers privacy.
    • Its design is attractive.
    • Our gabion walls are affordable, functional and durable.

    The gabion wall builder in Mackay fills the metal cages with stones. Mainly, we use them as a separate wall. Durability is a crucial benefit of gabion walls. It is not easy to drag them down an eroding terrain or a sloping. The wire baskets have a strong base. Moreover, they are flexible. Because of this, these baskets facilitate small movements when the surface below is shifting. 

    Another significant benefit is gabion walls are not harmful to the environment. Additionally, we can combine them with other materials. For example, we can combine them with metal or wood. Also, we combine them with concrete metal. We use garden wall material or fencing material as well. 

    Our gabion fences have extraordinary drainage capacity. The Australian Construction team uses silt and vegetation to fill the spaces between the rocks. For this reason, the wall becomes strong. Coupled with this, the spaces between the stones facilitate water flow through the structure. Because of this, the groundwater level remains relatively low.

    How we use gabion walls to design landscapes

    The gabion wall builder in Mackay uses a gabion wall in your landscape design. Because of this, we use various methods of integrating it into your garden landscape. We utilise gabions to create fences, benches and fountains. Besides, we use flowerbeds, waterfalls and ponds. In other words, we use many different things that are eye-catching.

    Building a retaining wall is the most popular method. Stone and metal retaining walls work as soil reinforcement. Likewise, they offer superb drainage and provide a solution to various other issues. We build gabions that are several metres high. 

    In light of this, they blend organically into the landscape. Usually, the gabion wall builder in Mackay uses wire baskets or boxes. Their structure consists of galvanised material or stainless steel. We then fill them with pebbles, gravel or stones. Alternatively, we fill them with other materials present onsite.


    Australian Construction uses quality products. More importantly, our products are affordable. Our skilled team works fast to implement your gabion walls. We offer attractive products that are very absorbent and durable. These products are the ideal choice for any government or commercial project. Furthermore, they are used in residential situations.

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