The Best Residential And Commercial Gabion Wall Builder In Melbourne


Professionally Built Gabion Walls In Melbourne

    Most establishments and houses need a gabion wall builder in Melbourne to prevent soil erosion, drainage, sink-holes and other prevalent dangers. At Australian Construction, we do not compromise on quality, and we work hard to meet all your gabion wall building needs.

    When considering methods of safeguarding your home, you probably think of options for protecting your most essential belongings. But, your exterior perimeter is equally crucial.

    Whether you have a big or small project for your perimeter wall or garden, we give you durable solutions at affordable costs. 

    What is gabion?

    Gabion describes a wire mesh or cage full of gravel and rocks to form some wall that can, in turn, be utilised to create a bench, retaining wall, fence, and other structures.

    Features of a gabion wall

    A gabion wall entails more than a basket packed with a rock. It is a unique, handmade and stylish appearance with a lifespan that far exceeds our time.

    Also, gabion retaining walls offer an obvious solution to inclining sites where draining is essential. Gabion is 30% air and diffuses water cleverly as it moves through your area.

    Our gabion walls mainly do not require concrete foundations, and we install them reasonably fast. We choose the stone type to suit the client’s colour requirements or to complement the existing stonework.

    Therefore, for a new affordable solution to your retaining wall requirements, call us today, and we will be happy to give you a free quote. A gabion wall’s typical application is holding back tonnes of earth.  Due to this, the materials we use are crucial to the wall’s operation and longevity.

    Australian Construction chooses the ideal materials to match the customer’s budget to get a superior quality, durable product. We ensure we construct an effective gabion wall to provide an efficient soil barrier but still maintain sufficient airspace, enabling the water to pass through and the soil to breath. 

    We assist the client in choosing a basket fill material that is appropriate for the application. Our expert team invests time to arrange the stones by hand, optimising the wall’s appearance and effectiveness. 

    The gabion wall doesn’t need to be rectangular; it can have an architectural feature. Our gabion wall contractor in Melbourne can profile the walls to match the land’s contours or specific client requirements. 

    Gabion mattresses

    We utilise the same technology for building walls to create gabion mattresses. Our mattresses offer affordable stabilisation of steep slopes or embankments. The mattresses drastically decrease the eroding impacts of heavy water flows without disrupting the environmental appearance dramatically.

    Gabion mattresses facilitate the growth of vegetation through the rock, enhancing and further stabilising slopes or embankments. We install mattresses and walls anywhere and can formulate an installation system for even the most problematic areas.

    Our gabion wall builder we have in Melbourne has an in-house landscape building team with many years of experience in the sector and is fully skilled in constructing landscapes for small and big homes.

    Their expertise covers a variety of areas and they can design your landscape any way you want. It may be a contemporary and straightforward theme, an elegant and lavish landscape or a Zen garden (Asian-inspired). 

    We only utilise superior products we source from trustworthy suppliers whom we know provide a high standard. Most of our hard landscaping builds mainly include pergolas, paving, driveways, retaining walls, gabion walls, ponds and gabion retaining walls. 

    Our team always explains to the clients the step by step procedure to ensure your total satisfaction. All the building tradesmen are white cardholders and are trained in all workplace safety aspects.

    Understanding the concept of gabion

    If someone proposed creating a fence or wall from a wire cage full of crushed rock, you might think it will look unattractive and is only utilised to save cash. It is not expensive; however, gabion fences, walls, benches and other structures can look very fabulous. You can incorporate many designs since it is a highly flexible structure material and idea to use.

    Advantages of gabion

    Looks cool: We can do some excellent looking gabion designs like varied rock colour layers or integrate the gabion with a different wall or fence materials like metal or wood.

    It is exceptional: Most landscaping does not use gabion, so when we do it well, it looks striking!

    Durable and robust: It is a strong rock enclosed in a substantial wire; therefore, it is heavy and highly durable. With time, vegetation and silt fill into the gaps, making the structure stronger.

    Affordable: If you have rocks or gravel available at low costs, the consequent cost can be meagre compared to vinyl, wood or other material.

    Permeable: Because this rock is loosely packed, water can flow through it, which helps avoid any displacement in case of a flood. 

    Modular:  In the future, you can enhance the gabion structure effortlessly by including more gabion sections.

    Accommodating: We can place gabions on any slope, gravel or landscape. It means preparing for gabion does not require moving a lot of soil.

    Types of rock we use in gabion baskets

    The gabion wall builder in Melbourne that we have fills the gabion mesh or cage with different types of rocks like:

    • Bricks
    • Limestone
    • Colourful rocks
    • Crushed granite
    • White stones (they have an incredible effect)
    • Large rocks
    • Gravel
    • Pebbles
    • Slate 
    • Crushed concrete 

    Gabion cages

    If you have noticed different types of gabions, you may have noted they have steel cages containing filler material (usually stones, rocks or other quarried products).

    Essentially, gabion cages are the exterior steel mesh that encompasses gabion filling. Because of these cages’ nature, we often use them to form porous structures like channel linings and retaining walls.

    We construct gabion cages from top quality steel wire, mainly heavily galvanised to offer long-term corrosion safeguard. If you intend to utilise gabion cages in harsher natural surroundings, we apply a polymer coating for extra protection. Our welded gabion cages are also a great illustration of gabion cages and are more potent than old fashioned woven wire cages. 


    Australian Construction has created gabions for many uses like gabion fencing, gabion walls, bench seats, building facades, fire pits, and much more. We provide whatever you can imagine for commercial and residential gabion features projects.

    We guarantee long lasting and attractive gabion finishes, so ensure you benefit from our excellent services today!