Fully Licensed Gabion Wall Builder In Melton From Aus Construction

Melton Gabion Wall Builder

Melton Gabion Wall Builder

    Gabions are flexible and have proven performance. Due to this, they have remained popular for years. Australian Construction provides gabions of different sizes and types. We meet all the needs of your project. Furthermore, our gabion wall builder in Melton advises you of the best kind of gabion to use. 

    You can use our gabions as a facing on a reinforced soil construction. Comparatively, in some applications, it is more cost-effective than a gravity retaining wall. Moreover, we supply our gabions flat packed for filling onsite. As a result, they are more economical to transport.


    Our gabions describe wire fabric containers. We partition them uniformly, and they are different sizes. Additionally, we interconnect them with other similar containers. We then fill them with stone onsite. Therefore they create permeable and flexible monolithic structures. Similarly, we build sea walls and channel linings. The gabion wall builder in Melton also provides weirs and revetments for earth retention.

    For a long time, soil erosion has been an issue. Because of this, gabions offer a global solution. The gabion system has changed from baskets featuring woven reeds. Today we engineer containers that we construct with wire mesh. Due to this, our gabions are attractive because of their substantial flexibility.

    Gabion structures are susceptible to earth movement. However, they are fully efficient. Therefore they remain structurally strong. They are different from semi-rigid or rigid structures that may experience significant failure. The failures occur due to small changes in their foundations.

    Australian Construction gabion structures work as self-draining units. Given this, they absorb groundwaters and relieve hydrostatic heads. Interstitial areas in the rock fill dispel the force of wave action and flood currents. Rather than decrease with age, our gabion structures’ efficiency increases. When you start using them, vegetation and slit build up with the rock fill. Consequently, it forms a naturally permanent structure. We use it to get rid of solid pollutants (floatable) from the water. 

    The gabion wall builder in Melton provides mattresses and gabions in different forms:

    • Roll stock form
    • Unassembled panels

    You can use roll stock to create continuous gabion structures. They extend to a maximum of 300ft in length. Meanwhile, the mattresses are 150 inches long. 

    Gabion features

    We provide affordable gabion. Our expert team fills the gabions with stone then seals them. Installing is simple. Therefore we do not need unique technology. The gabions are weatherproof and corrosion-resistant. They do not collapse even when exposed to an enormous scope of deforming.

    Plants grow well because of the sludge in the rocks. We mix them to create integrity with the natural surrounding. Good permeation prevents hydrostatic damage. We can fold the gabion together for transport. So we can move it again for more installation. 

    How we use gabions

    • To control and guide flood or water
    • We use them to prevent rock breaking
    • Bridge protection
    • Strengthening soil structure
    • Guiding bank or flood bank
    • Soil and water protection
    • Seaside area protection engineering

    Benefits of gabion

    Permeability: Gabion provides easy and automatic drainage. Because of this, it is unnecessary to install drainage pipes.

    Strength: Our gabions are sufficiently strong. Given this, they resist flood force and torrential force. In addition, they withstand earth and ice pressure.

    Affordable: Comparatively, Australian Construction is cheap in terms of labour and material than other gabion choices.

    Environmentally friendly: We place recycled materials inside the gabion cage. Because of the spaces in the soil between filling materials, plants grow with time. Natural phenomena do not affect gabion elements.


    Our gabion walls reinforce your property landscaping or driveways. Because of this, we make your retaining walls fabulous! We offer different designs and sizes of the gabion. We ensure our retaining wall block systems match your premises or home. More importantly, it gives you a durable and robust supporting structure.

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