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Breathtaking Gabion Walls From A Professional Gabion Wall Builder

    According to history, about 7,000 years ago, early gabion type structures were constructed to protect the Nile banks. In the middle age era, gabions were employed as military fortifications. In the world today, our gabion wall builder in Perth specialises in gabion wall construction extensively to enhance the stability of shorelines, riverbanks, highways and give a touch of beauty to the interiors and exteriors of your homes.

    We highlight several types of gabion walls depending on your desire and the space under consideration. 

    Gabion sack

    These gabions are also known as twisted wire mesh. The construction is advisable when works are going on in rivers, and underwater installation is needed. We fill the jagged wire mesh with rocks or concrete debris to form a flexible structure.

    Reno mattress

    Our second type of gabion wall is known as the reno mattress. Our qualified team mainly designs reno mattresses using steel wires that we highly galvanise to protect the wall against any form of corrosion, giving it guaranteed durability even in highly corrosive environments.

    The reno mattress wall is usually ideal for the protection of riverbanks and in areas where erosion control is necessary.

    Gabion retaining wall

    Thirdly, we present to you the gabion retaining wall. We usually construct them by incorporating a reinforced layer of steel mesh. The gabion wall builder normally places the steel mesh in the soil connected to a facing skin of gabion.

    In our experience, this is one type of wall that costs less for walls 3 to 4m or more in height. We find gabion retaining walls ideal for sloppy areas next to homes, farms, riverbanks, pathways and roads.

    Green Terramesh

    The fourth type of gabion wall is Green Terramesh. We rank this as one of the environmental friendly walls. It’s ideal when it comes to erosion control for highways, stream banks and shorelines.

    Australian Construction has proven green terra mesh walls to provide immediate and long-term erosion control and cultivate a conducive environment for flora and fauna.

    PVC coated wall

    The fifth gabion wall is PVC Coated wall. It is mainly established for erosion control since it’s the most suitable for stabilising slopes. It is ideal for filtering silt, deterring floods and retaining walls.

    We have successfully employed it on sloppy roads, rivers, homes, and farming projects on slopping regions. For easy construction, we divide the layers into compartments every three feet.

    Advantages of gabion walls

    Our architectural landscapers and civil engineers have noted several advantages that gabion walls present. 

    • These merits include but are not limited to aesthetic value: Gabions walls appear naturally beautiful and can complement a house and the landscape using filler materials that we dig from the site or nearby land.
    • Gabion walls are also very friendly to the environment. Most of the gabions are constructed using the debris of stones or concrete; hence, recycling comes into play. Also, gabion provides a conducive environment for plants to grow naturally, if not planted. When we use on-site material like filler, we eliminate transportation expenses and the connected fuel consumption.
    • We have noticed that gabion walls are very sustainable. They are often used as shades on sunny days and they provide indirect natural cooling. In addition, they facilitate the movement of air, providing ventilation. We have also observed that gabions are porous and have a free-draining feature; therefore, they can’t be washed away by moving water.
    • Our gabion wall builder in Perth easily installs gabion walls. These walls have in-built strength: The stone fill relaxes on the base of the surface beneath it, and the force of gravity provides significant frictional strength, making the foundation unnecessary. Actually, with time the wall’s strength and efficacy may increase as the voids become full of vegetation and slit, improving the reinforcement.
    • These walls are also solid but long-lasting due to the nature of the materials we use in the construction of gabion walls, most of which are durables such as steel wires, wire mesh, stones, and cement debris. Once you have invested in this technology, we can guarantee you that the established wall will last for a good number of years.
    • Notably, the walls are suitable for all types of terrain, be it hilly, sloppy, and flat or meandering grounds. Gabions do not require any special maintenance. Once our gabion wall builder in Perth installs them, they maintain the state under which they have been fixed for a long time. Our expert team ensures that the walls offer you an excellent acoustic performance, mainly when used as a soundproofing wall.
    • The walls we build are flexible. During bad weather days or situations where earthquake invades, they can shift without breaking or cracking. From our experience, we can guarantee quick fixing and installation. The process is faster as it does not require masonry. We can fill the spaces between the materials in the cage with soil to encourage plant growth and act as a solution for flood protection.

    While it’s hard to predict the future, modern architect designed homes often have been noted to be introducing an industrial outlook to the interior and exterior decorations of homes, hotels, schools, entertainment complexes and other buildings. Many people are already using gabion walls for structures and even aesthetic accents now. 

    Gabion baskets

    Our gabion baskets are versatile and we can create any size and shape to suit your needs. We build the mesh baskets with heavy duty wire and galvanised mesh. We provide endless shapes by piling the baskets on top of each other or shape them into curves.


    Gabion Wall construction is increasingly becoming a popular building trend. It’s certainly easier than trying to build a dry stone wall for most people in and around Perth and all over Australia. Therefore, for all your gabion wall needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Australian Construction today. 

    We promise to deliver to your expectations and leave you with lovely exterior surroundings!