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Port Macquarie Gabion Wall Builder

Port Macquarie Gabion Wall Builder

    At Australian Construction, we are rock retaining wall experts. We have built different types of gabion retaining walls. We use various designs. Moreover, our gabion wall builder in Port Macquarie uses varied building techniques. 

    We build gabion walls to suit your specific requirements. Furthermore, our team is experienced. They help you in making the ideal choice. Our company has produced many gabion retaining walls in Port Macquarie. Moreover, we work for domestic and commercial clients. We cater for all sized jobs so call us for any of your gabion requirements.

    Making your landscape attractive

    There are numerous hardscaping factors we can include in your landscape design. We offer solutions that are not only functional but also lovely. For example, we use gabion walls as retaining walls in landscapes. 

    Additionally, we use gabion walls in seating walls and accent walls. Moreover, we use them in decorative site walls. Gabion walls are ideal for mid-century modern styles

    Features of gabion 

    Gabion describes a wire container that holds all kinds of inorganic material. They are porous and flexible structures. For this reason, they are effective in stabilising shorelines against erosion. Previously the cages were wicker. For this reason, they were mainly used for military and engineering purposes. 

    Benefits of gabion walls

    One key element of Australian Construction gabions is their affordability. More importantly, they need minimal or no maintenance. Likewise, they are simple to install and durable.  The gabion wall builder in Port Macquarie uses different gauges and grades of wire mesh. We consider the price of the wall and the wire we will use. However, they are mainly galvanised. The fill material we use also determines the cost.

    Angular rock locks together, providing a stationary unit. For this reason, it is the ideal gabion fill. If you want a circular river rock, we use a heavier gauge wire as the infill material. It helps in maintaining its shape. 

    Because gabion walls are highly absorbent, they can resist any hydrostatic pressure. As a result, installing a drainage system is unnecessary. Comparatively, gabion walls are more flexible than a traditional concrete wall. In addition, they can shift with the earth. To make your gabion wall more attractive, we use an excellent fill material.

    Tips for installing gabion retaining wall

    • We prepare level and solid ground, and for ideal results, we use a compact road base. Due to this, it ensures solid foundations and flat gabion sits. The gabion wall builder in Port Macquarie also uses this step to help project aesthetics. For this purpose, we provide straight and accurate panels.
    • We use geofabric for the gabion wall retaining wall behind the gabion. It prevents the soil from washing through the wall. For big walls of 1m and more, we use drainage gravel behind the wall. 
    • The Australian Construction team places bracing wires internally and use pliers to fix them near the hook. Braces ensure the panels are tight and straight. Else, the panels will swell outwards when we are filling them with stone.
    • We fill gabions slowly then proceed to include another gabion rather than completing each one separately.
    • For retaining walls, more than 1m high local council approvals may be necessary. An engineering certificate might be essential as well.

    The gabion wall builder in Port Macquarie hand packs stone and places them tightly. Because of this, we ensure the gabion is safe and solid. Likewise, we guarantee it looks appealing. We utilise angular type stone like basalt and granite.


    Australian Construction is committed to hard work. More importantly, we appreciate the importance of environmentally friendly products. So we offer our clients reliable services. In addition, we understand our clients’ needs and provide valuable services.

      Call us today for the best gabion services in Port Macquarie.