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Rockhampton Gabion Wall Builder

Rockhampton Gabion Wall Builder

    At Australian Construction, we specialise in gabion building. We deliver your entire project quickly. Moreover, our gabion wall builder in Rockhampton gives you an onsite consultation. Furthermore, we advise you on the ideal retaining wall for your budget and garden design.

    When there is a retaining wall in your garden, it provides a landscaping design solution. It solves issues like poor drainage and steep slopes. We offer gabion walls, timber and wooden retaining walls and concrete retaining walls. Our expert team works efficiently and fast. Because of this, we deliver to your satisfaction all the time.

    How we use gabion walls to design landscapes

    We use these walls in highly populated areas. They work as privacy fences, which is important for such areas. Not only can you use them as a privacy screen but also as a fence marker. In this light, you can mark your property’s boundary. Shrubs, trees and green plants soften a gabion’s appearance. 

    In other words, Australian Construction gives you an environmentally friendly fence. Additionally, our gabion walls are affordable. Our competent team easily installs a gabion wall making it a part of your garden appeal. You can utilise it as a part of your water feature or flowerbed edging. Also, you can use it as an outdoor fireplace.

    Materials for filling a gabion wall

    You have decided to choose a gabion wall. After this, you should consider the filling material. How do you pick the stones, and which material is ideal? Our gabion wall builder in Rockhampton has different kinds of rocks and stones. You can even combine them. We mainly use stones and rocks. The reason is they are strong and durable.  When choosing stones, there are important points to remember:

    • The stone should be moisture-proof and frost proof. These elements determine the gabion wall’s reliability and strength.
    • It is advisable to consult one of our landscape architects. This expert will calculate your wall’s stress and load levels.
    • If you want the gabion wall to be decorative, choose the filler depending on its aesthetic value. For such decorative walls, the gabion wall builder in Rockhampton fills using lighter and less dense rock. We also use river rocks, wood logs and gravel. If you want we can also use shells and colourful glass. Similarly, we use straw or pine cones.

    We can also use the stone and wire constructions as a section of your outdoor furniture. Therefore, they combine a wall’s practicality with decoration. It is important for small gardens since the landscape design should be creative. Many times the elements perform several functions. 

    Australian Construction uses varied fillers for your gabion wall. As a result, we create something truly unique! We offer many creative concepts for gabion walls. Moreover, they are in garden landscape designs. We use some of them as retaining walls. Meanwhile, we utilise the others as privacy fences and decorative landscape elements. 

    Gabion baskets

    The gabion wall builder in Rockhampton uses Gabion baskets for various elements. We use them for walls and retaining walls. Likewise, we utilise them for garden features and foundations. Comparatively, some technologies are more durable than others. 

    Where gabion baskets are concerned, we fill metal mesh-like netting with stones. We then use them as stabilisers or walls. Additionally, we use these baskets to build a complete wall or retain a sloping block. They are wonderful for features, and you can use them for your outbuilding’s foundation.

    How we use gabion baskets

    Walls are the most common gabion application. Heights range from low single layers, windbreak and high privacy walls. Hence they visually mark boundaries. Our skilled team also uses them as cladding on your existing walls, steps and benches. Besides, we use them on garden sculpture and vegetable edging. Also, we utilise the on water-feature and pool surrounds.


    Australian Construction is proud to offer unique design solutions. We are specialists in gabion services. For this reason, we meet your specific needs. Our years of experience enable us to complete commercial and residential projects.

      We look forward to giving you the best gabion services in Rockhampton!